Gospić to Celebrate Tesla’s Birthday with Tesla Power of Lights Event

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Tesla Power of Lights is the name of the event that is to be held on July 9, as a ...

Croat Sues Tesla Motors for Exploitation

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The court has decided to consider the lawsuit.

The Next Generation Tesla – Now Is The Time!

Lauren Simmonds

As we see monumental changes sweeping the way we use day-to-day technology, it can safely be said that our lives and ...

Tesla Sustainable Village Project Moving Forward with Extra Momentum

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Osijek based True Tesla Technologies recently presented their railway technology at the 5th International Conference of Academics and Engineers in ...


5 Cool Croatian 2018 Achievements So Far, And It is Only April!

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April 25, 2018 – Best known perhaps as one of Europe’s top tourism destinations, Croatia is punching above its weight ...

Tesla Village Coming to Osijek

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Tesla Village is coming to Slavonia.


History is Made: Team Tesla 1st Electric Car Across Sahara, Completes Budapest Bamako Rally

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January 28, 2018 – History is made, as not only has Croatian Team Tesla – Powered by RWE become the ...


The First Tesla: A Tool That Shaped History

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Let’s play a quick association game: I say ‘Tesla’, you think of… the legendary inventor? The sleek electric vehicle? While ...


Driving an Electric Car Through the Sahara Desert: Croatian Team Tesla Reports

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After a period of radio silence,our intrepid Croatian adventurists, Sasa Cvetojevic and Oleg Mastruko, are making fantastic progress in their ...