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A1 Motorway Incident – Masked Hajduk Fans Create 9-kilometre Queue

Katarina Anđelković

As Dnevnik writes, the police prevented a clash between the fans, but the traffic problems continued even after that. Although ...

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Journalist Mate Prlić Released from Remetinec Prison One Month Later: “Right Place at Right Time”

Daniela Rogulj

Mate Prlić shared his thoughts today on Dalmatinski Portal: “‘I was in the wrong place at the wrong time’, is ...

HNS President Comments on Fan Safety Meeting in Croatia: “Fans Supported, Hooligans Condemned”

Daniela Rogulj

The recent riots on the A1 motorway near the Desinec rest area resulted in dozens of injured fans and police ...

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Hajduk, Dinamo, HNS Official Statements after Torcida Motorway Clash with Police

Total Croatia News

On Saturday afternoon, Dinamo Zagreb beat Hajduk 3:1 in the final match of the season. Dinamo celebrated the Croatian championship ...

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Return of Perišić to Poljud? Hajduk Fans Say ”It’s Time”

Total Croatia News

It is impossible to deny the influence and insistence of the Hajduk Split fans, especially when one recalls their great ...

Happy 71st Birthday, Torcida! A Look Back on Hajduk Fan Group History

Daniela Rogulj

One soul and two bodies, as the quote reads, best depicts how intertwined Torcida and Hajduk are. And today, Hadjuk’s ...


Torcida Celebrates 70 Years: Best Photos and Videos of Birthday Bash

Daniela Rogulj

October 28, 2020 – Torcida celebrates 70 years on October 28, 2020. A look at the birthday bash around Split, ...


Torcida Celebrates 70 Years with Midnight Celebration Across Split

Daniela Rogulj

October 27, 2020 – On Wednesday, October 28, 2020, Torcida celebrates 70 years. A spectacle is promised in Split and across ...

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(VIDEO) Hajduk Fan Group Torcida Split Steps Up in Time of Need

Daniela Rogulj

March 17, 2020 – Hajduk fan group Torcida Split steps up to fight the coronavirus crisis. It was announced earlier ...

VIDEOS: Torcida and Armada Mark Croatian Victory Day

Lauren Simmonds

Today, Croatia celebrates 24 years since its victory over occupiers who harassed and killed civilians for four years by attacking ...