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Sailing in Croatia: Six Tips You Should Know

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Exploring Croatia by sea is an amazing experience, here are a few important pointers.

Cheaper Sojourn Tax for Sailors As Opposed to Drastic Increase?

Lauren Simmonds

Can sailors and all those involved in nautical tourism breathe a sigh of relief after all?

Conference on Nautical Tourism ”Obstacles, Visions, And The Future” Held in Rijeka

Lauren Simmonds

Could Rijeka and the Kvarner region successfully put itself on the map as a desirable destination for nautical tourism?

Large Investment in D-Marin Marinas in Greece, Turkey, and Croatia

Lauren Simmonds

A 70 million euro investment in D-Marin marinas, ten of which are managed in Greece, Turkey, and here in Croatia.

Croatian Innovation to Aid Nautical Companies in Dealing With Waves

Lauren Simmonds

Branimir Jurun and his wave measuring device could potentially take the nautical world by storm.

Slovenes Unhappy About Price Increases in Croatia

Lauren Simmonds

Regardless of price increases which aren’t exactly delighting the neighbours, a record season is expected once again.

Croatia’s Nautical Tourism On The Up

Lauren Simmonds

No minuses in sight for the country’s nautical tourism trend.

Vis to Build 250 Berth Marina

Lauren Simmonds

Something new on the cards for Vis!

History Reborn: Maritime Tradition in Crikvenica Upheld

Lauren Simmonds

New life is set to be breathed into Maritime tradition in Crikvenica.

Šibenik Sailing Arena, Project to Start Sailing Season

Lauren Simmonds

Šibenik Sailing Arena is set to begin next weekend!