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My Two-Day Adventure From Ivankovo to Zdenci: Travel Connection Issues in Slavonia

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Railways and trains, as public transportation and a part of the economy, always had a huge role in Croatian history. The ...


193 Traffic Fatalities in Croatia in First Eight Months of 2021

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The ministry presented these data in a press release in which it called for additional caution in traffic during the new ...


Should 0,5 Remain Alcohol Limit For Drivers in Croatia? Istrian Winemakers Worried of Wine Industry Hit

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However, as Goran Rihelj reports for Hr.Turizam, Istrian winemakers think that 0.5 should remain the upper limit as they fear ...

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Police to Once Again Conduct Special Traffic Programme for Start of School Year

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ZAGREB, September 4, 2020 – As the new school year is about to start, the police will once again conduct ...

Croatian State Roads to Get Traffic Cameras: ‘Big Brother’ Expands

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Watch how you drive in the Croatian countryside! Traffic ‘big brother’ is coming to state roads too. Forty new cameras ...

Croatian Police Reports on Reduced Number of Casualties on the Roads

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Just a few months ago we reported about the new traffic fines in Croatia. Today, the Croatian police reported about ...

New Traffic Fines in Croatia, Starting Today (August 1st, 2019)

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Recently adopted changes to the Road Traffic Safety Law (Zakon o sigurnosti prometa na cestama) are coming into force today, ...

Driving in Zagreb: Traffic Chaos to Follow Roundabout Closure?

Lauren Simmonds

Driving in Zagreb comes with both ease and difficulties, unlike the along the coast, the time of year rarely causes ...

Driving in Croatia: Changes Coming to Croatian Motorways

Lauren Simmonds

Driving in Croatia is always a pleasure, especially if you’re taking a journey across the country, from the south to ...

Zagreb Traffic News: Roundabout Closure Delayed Again

Lauren Simmonds

How do you know when something in Croatia definitely won’t happen? Usually when you’re told that it definitely will. Some Zagreb traffic news ...

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