International Poetry Day Croatia: Non-Croatian Poets about Croatia

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Since 1999 and the 30th General conference of UNESCO, March 21 is recognized as International Poetry Day. As said by ...

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Foreign Ministers of Croatia, Italy and Slovenia Adopt Joint Statement

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ZAGREB, Dec 19, 2020 – The foreign ministers of Croatia, Italy and Slovenia adopted a joint statement in Trieste on ...

Grants Available for Croatian Students in Trieste

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All foreign students studying in Trieste, and there are very many of them, have the right to access grants.

Is Trieste – Kvarner Sea Connection Just Matter of Time?

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Are Kvarner and Trieste about to come one step closer?

In the Sea of Intimacy: An Ode to the Adriatic in Trieste

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Trieste is currently hosting a phenomenal exhibition about the history of the Adriatic