Welcome to Uhljebistan: A Foreign Appreciation of the Cult of Uhljeb

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Croatia is often described as a very bureaucratic country with a large and inefficient bureaucracy. Ever wondered why? A visit ...


New from Melania Billboard Creators: Uhljeb Doesn’t Exist in English

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June 20, 2019 – Remember THOSE Croatian billboards which around the world in 2017? The creators of the infamous Croatian ...

Uhljeb Alert? One of Poorest Counties in Croatia Establishes Space Technology Centre

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Sisak-Moslavina County is one of the poorest in Croatia. However, yesterday it established the Centre for Space and Innovative Technologies. ...

Rating of Croatian Mayors, City Administrations and Companies Begins

Lauren Simmonds

Just how well do Croatian city administrations work, how well do Croatian mayors actually do their jobs, and how are ...

Officials Miss Leasing Deadline, Pay 150,000 Kuna for Rent-a-Car Services

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Regional Development Minister Gabrijel Žalac’s mother is not the only wife driving a rent-a-car. Certain parliamentary and government officials will ...

Uhljebistan: Communal Officer Tries to Charge Woman for Lost Pet Signs

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Have you ever wondered what Uhljebistan means? We use the word a lot here at TCN and often are quick ...

Uhljebistan Strikes Again? Croatian Railways Worker Highlights Stupidity

Lauren Simmonds

Croatian Railways gets an unflattering rundown on social media by one of its deeply dissatisfied employees.

Welfare Centre Buying “Uhljebs” 200 Euro Designer Shoes

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It seems that some public services employees, also known as “uhljebs”, have their expensive shoe buying habits financed from the ...

270918 Arena2

Pula Arena and Rome Colloseum Mixed Up in Promotional Materials

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The embarrassing mistake was made in materials promoting European Sports Week.

“Uhljeb” Assessment Website Launched

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A uniquely Croatian invention.

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