VARTEKS District: Contract Signing for Roundabout Marks Beginning of Urban Regeneration

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As part of the project of great economic importance for the City of Varaždin and all its residents, through cooperation ...

Tomislav Babic Claims Varteks Won’t Leave City of Varazdin

Lauren Simmonds

As Novac/Jutarnji/Visnja Gotal writes, Varazdin’s Varteks is once again emerging from another crisis. After wage arrears built up back during the ...


Strongest Croatian Brands Survived and Succeeded After Independence

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Media across Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia have surprised younger readers and reminded older readers with the publication of a map ...

New Varteks Fashion Line – Another Reason to Look Forward to Spring

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February 28, 2020 – Perfectly studied designs, the highest quality of fabrics and the elegance without compromise are the synonyms ...

Varteks Modabus Goes International: Quality Suits for Maribor, Celje, Ljubljana

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January 27, 2020 – A familiar brand returns to the cities of Slovenia, as the Varteks Modabus goes international for ...

Nenad Bakić on Saving Varteks from Clinical Death

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Nenad Bakić talked to Branko Podgornik from Novi list about the year he spent as the President of the board ...


Varteks Modabus Coming to Stari Grad!

Daniela Rogulj

May 8, 2019 – The Varaždin-based Croatian company Varteks has been producing dresses, coats, jackets and other clothing for specialized ...

Nenad Bakić Rescues Varteks: Workers No Longer Leaving, Salaries Paid on Time

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Famous textile industry brand Varteks is getting a new lease of life after Nenad Bakić became the majority owner of ...

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Hope for Hrvatska: Nenad Bakic on the Varteks Digital Revolution (Interview)

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March 20, 2019 – It was once among the top brands in all former Yugoslavia, its fashion sought after internationally. ...

Nenad Bakić Discusses His Business Philosophy

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Here at Varteks, we can see the 50+ years of decay. We are now discarding supplies, including buttons that someone ...

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