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Croatian Hospitals Costs Are Five Times Higher than Last Year

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Even after the rebalance of the state budget, which will provide the healthcare system with an additional three and a ...

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Beroš Ordered a List of Croatian Doctors with Conscientious Objection

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Last week, Health Minister Vili Beroš asked hospital directors to list all healthcare workers who invoke conscientious objection and refuse to terminate a pregnancy ...

Ministry: Procedural Omissions at Two Hospitals in Čavajda Case

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A health inspection by the Health Ministry was conducted at the KB Sveti Duh Hospital, the Sisters of Charity Hospital, ...

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400 Croatian Ambulance Drivers Go On Strike

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“The consequences of the strike will be visible already today and even more tomorrow. We are going until our demands ...

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Minister Comments on Strike, Says Won’t Tolerate Patients Being Denied Healthcare

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Some of the non-emergency ambulance drivers have announced a strike for Monday, to last until their demands are met and ...

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Ministry Requests Information From Hospitals on Pregnancy Termination Case

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Čavajda contacted four Zagreb hospitals, of which the KB Sveti Duh Hospital and the Sisters of Charity Hospital refused to perform ...

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First Phase of Healthcare Reform Under Way, Health Minister Says

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The proposal to amend the Healthcare Act and the Mandatory Health Insurance Act will be finished by June and put ...

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Grbin Says Health Minister Did Not Make Any Reforms, SDP to Put Forward its Proposal

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“The possible privatisation of healthcare could lead to polarisation in society, dividing people into those who can afford healthcare and ...

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€3.5m Renovated Operating Block in Zagreb’s Children’s Hospital Reopened

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“The reconstruction of the hospital block proves the government and ministry’s strategy to help in the recovery of health institutions’ ...

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Beroš: Number of New COVID Cases Down by 17%

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“In the past 24 hours there were 2,077 positive cases registered, or 17.53% fewer new cases compared to last Wednesday”, Beroš ...