Vindija Board Chairman and CEO Dragutin Drk Dies at Age of 83

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Drk, born on 25 September 1937 in Varaždin, in 1961 started working at the town dairy which later changed its name ...


Strongest Croatian Brands Survived and Succeeded After Independence

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Media across Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia have surprised younger readers and reminded older readers with the publication of a map ...

Vindija Opens New Turkey Farm Worth 7.4 Million Euro

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This new investment in domestic production is set to increase Vindija’s overall production capacity.

Clouds With Silver Linings: Success Stories of Most Powerful Croatian Brands

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Just how did branding help some of the most powerful and recognisable Croatian labels develop cult-like status on the global ...

Vindija First in Croatia with GMO-Free Certificate for Fresh Chicken

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Identification “5 HR” on Cekin fresh chicken products confirms that the entire process of hatching, growing and processing takes place ...

Generalni direktor Grupe Vindija Drk Dragutin i ministar poljoprivrede T...

Agriculture Minister Tolušić Visits Vindija: Strict Safety and Quality Controls for Chicken from Farm to Table

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The company applies highest health and sanitary standards in all aspects of production of high-quality chicken meat.