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Verdis Republic: New Self-Proclaimed Neighbour of Croatia

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Despite defending its territory and sovereignty in an armed conflict back in the ’90s, Croatia still has some unclear territorial ...


As Al-Jazeera Reports from Liberland, a Progress Report from President Vit Jedlicka

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A crazy publicity stunt, or a nascent state in the making? As Al Jazeera reports from the self-proclaimed Free State ...

Liberland President Expects Good Relations with Donald Trump Administration

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President of Liberland, a “state” located between Croatia and Serbia, hopes for better relations with the United States.

As Liberland Launches E-Residency App, Croatian Media Interviews President Vit Jedlicka

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Dismissed as a publicity stunt and a joke just 18 months ago when he claimed a piece of marshy land ...

After 650,000 Migrants, Croatia Refuses Entry to Legal EU Citizen and Liberland President Vit Jedlicka

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After Croatia’s humane response to allow more than 650,000 refugees and migrants to pass through its borders, a legal EU ...

A Progress Update from Liberland President Vit Jedlicka

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Croatia’s newest neighbour, the self-proclaimed Liberland – a progress update from the president. 

Meet the President of Croatia’s Newest Neighbour, Vit Jedlicka of Liberland

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As Europe’s newest self-proclaimed state celebrates six months of existence in Prague, TCN meets Liberland President and Croatian neighbour, Vit ...