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Strawberry Picking Season Starts in Southern Croatia, 600 Tonnes of Produce Expected

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Vrgorac high-quality strawberries will already be available at farmers’ markets as of tomorrow the association’s president Milan Franić said. According ...


Spring in Autumn: Fruit Trees in Bloom in Inland Dalmatia

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Nature in Dalmatia decided it’s up for a spring revival. 


Vrgorac Strawberries in Zagreb Today, Dubrovnik Next Week

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The Vrgorac Strawberry Days are here! Organised by the Vrgorac tourist board, a little tour through Zagreb and Dubrovnik presenting ...

Best Croatian Strawberries, the Ones from Vrgorac Hitting the Green Markets Next Week

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Most strawberries currently available on green markets and in stores are imported and it doesn’t take an expert to recognise ...