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Ultimate Guide to New Zagreb Waste Management Rules

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You’d be excused if you thought that vrećica had something to do with the global climate crisis that is gonna ...

Up to 5000 Kuna Fine for Putting Rubbish in Wrong Bin!

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By Thursday, every city and municipality across Croatia must decide how residents will organise the separating of their waste.

EU Wants To Recycle All Plastic, How Does Croatia Feel?

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There are about 700 companies who produce plastic in Croatia, 100 of which exclusively make PVC bags.

Is Waste Sorting in Zagreb Feasible?

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There are only 607 “green islands” in the city.

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Waste Management in Hvar Town – Where are the Waste Sorting Containers?

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Great initiative from the Komunalno Hvar – a new map with all locations where special waste separation containers are located ...