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Zadar Waterfront Heavily Damaged by Stormy Sea!

Lauren Simmonds

The weather in Dalmatia has been wreaking havoc, and while things have calmed down significantly now, for many boats and ...

Weather in Croatia: Palagruža Records Highest Waves Since 2004!

Lauren Simmonds

The weather in Croatia is typically viewed as sunny, dry and calm, and even impossibly hot by most who visit ...

Goodbye Summer, Hello Bura: Hurricane-Like Winds Hit Dalmatia (VIDEO)

Daniela Rogulj

Yesterday we were swimming in the sea; today we’re searching for our sweatpants with a cup of tea. Welcome to ...

Severe Weather in Dalmatia: Wild Winds Cause Sandstorm in Ploče (Video)

Daniela Rogulj

Because it wouldn’t be summer in Dalmatia without a good storm. 

Record Temperatures: 42.3°C at Split Airport, 39.7°C in Zadar

Total Croatia News

As if it weren’t hot enough already, the heatwave grew more intense and broke a couple of record temperatures, reported ...