PM, Local Officials Discuss Damage Caused by Bad Weather in Požega

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“The government has backed right away all counties and cities affected by bad weather, securing funds for the removal of ...


Temperatures in Croatia to Reach Summer Levels this Week

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Croatians, especially along the coast, have been complaining about relatively cool May. By June, the coastal region of Dalmatia is ...

Goodbye Croatia’s Snow – Country This Week to Bask in 15°-17° Temperatures

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While Croatia’s snow has been the cause of some difficult travelling conditions over recent weeks, particularly by road, the pristine ...

Falling Snow Causes Treacherous Conditions on Croatian Roads

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Any optimists living in Zagreb could be forgiven for thinking winter was over. Over a succession of two days last ...

Cold Snap Might Make A Surprise Visit to Wintertime Croatia This Month

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Rising temperatures recorded high in the atmosphere above the Arctic are leading some to predict a sustained and considerable cold ...

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PHOTOS: Epic Croatia Weather Photography Stuns The World

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December 20, 2020 – The 13 winners of the incredibly popular World Meteorological Organization annual competition have just been announced, ...

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If You’re Out And About, Watch Out For The Weather In Croatia Today

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ZAGREB September 25, 2020 – The changeable weather in Croatia today is expected to continue for much of the weekend ...

VIDEO: Watch Thick Fog Descend on Palagruža Lighthouse

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Palagruža, the Republic of Croatia’s most remote lighthouse, can feel like a world all on its own in all types ...

Weather in Croatia: More Massive Waves Recorded!

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The weather in Croatia and along the Adriatic can be a little bit, well, all over the place. The calm, ...

Zadar Waterfront Heavily Damaged by Stormy Sea!

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The weather in Dalmatia has been wreaking havoc, and while things have calmed down significantly now, for many boats and ...