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More Areas Sown with Wheat, Maize, Less with Rapeseed

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The area sown with maize this year was 290,000 hectares (+0.7%) and the area sown with soya beans was 87,000 hectares ...

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Farmers Say There is Enough Wheat

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Farmers reported that there are sufficient stocks and there is no need to worry about any possible shortage of wheat. ...

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Croatian Areas Sown With Cereals in Autumn 2021 Increase 5.8%

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During the 2021 autumn sowing, the areas sown with cereals increased 5.8% on the year. Broken down by type of cereals, ...


Harvest in Full Swing, Farmers Satisfied with Wheat Yield

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ZAGREB, July 8, 2020 – The harvest of cool-season cereals — wheat and barley — as well as is in ...

The Harvest Begins – why won’t Croatian Wheat Ever be Cheap Enough?

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A kilogram of wheat gives 70 to 80 decagrams of flour, around 60 decagrams goes into a kilo of bread. ...