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Croatia Sends Two Fire-Fighting Planes to Bosnia

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The planes were sent to Tomislavgrad where homes are under threat on orders from Minister Mario Banožić on the use ...


President Zoran Milanović Visits Wildfire Sites at Seget Gornji

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Before visiting the fire sites, Milanović discussed the situation at wildfire locations at Seget Gornji and in Mirlović in Šibenik-Knin County ...

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Croatian President Extends Condolences to Turkish Counterpart Over Wildfires

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I spoke to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan this evening and he thanked Croatia for sending the Canadair CL415 plane and two ...

Wildfire Breaks Out in Omiš Area

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Firefighters from Omiš and Makarska are trying to contain a wildfire that broke out earlier tonight


Is Croatia Taking Any Preventive Measures Against Extreme Weather?

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Experts say climate change is only partially to blame for recent catastrophic floods that hit Croatia

Firemen Turned Away by Farmers of Pag: How Fire Helped Save Sheep

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Strangely enough, wildfires on Pag helped the farmers fight two natural enemies of their sheep

Firefighter Reacts: “We Get Food Only When Ministers and Media Visit Fire Sites”

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A young volunteering firefighter reacted to the statement from the president of the Fire Department, who said his firemen get ...

Serbs Blamed for Starting Fires, Croats Set Dalmatia Ablaze to Punish Serbs

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We’re more than used to absurdities of daily life in this country of ours, but every once in a while, ...

Airtractor Pilot Speaks First Hand of Fighting Wildfires

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Huge wildfires which ravaged the coastline lately were put out, in addition to the brave firefighters on the ground, firefighting ...