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INA Begins Exploring Wind Potential at Gas Platforms in Adriatic Sea

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This is the first offshore project to measure wind speeds in Croatia and gauging will last for at least 12 ...

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Winds of “Spring Storm 2019” Hit; Forecasters Warn of Rain and Floods

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In all fairness, we were warned: the weather forecasts late last week were quite clear, and even the European central ...

Zadar Waterfront Heavily Damaged by Stormy Sea!

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The weather in Dalmatia has been wreaking havoc, and while things have calmed down significantly now, for many boats and ...

Be Blown Across the Channel by the Strong Maestral Wind

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Just like ancient settlers carved history into stone, so do modern day residents carve their trails into the sea. The ...

Bura Sees Franjo Tudjman Bridge Closed, Catamarans and Flights Cancelled

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The Pearl of the Adriatic is taking a battering from the elements.

Not Feeling Well Today? Blame It on the Jugo

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If you woke up this morning feeling like you hate the whole world, your stupid dog who barks in the ...

All About the Bura (No Jugo)

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After a wonderful whirlwind week and a quick Friday trip to Brac for the Biser Mora Culinary Festival, I was ...

Jugo: The Wind That Make Dalmatians Grumpy

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“Južina?” my boss asked me when my productivity level was low. He was referring to the southeastern jugo wind (scirocco) ...