winds of croatia

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Jugo: Strong Southern Wind in Central Dalmatia Causes Problems in Traffic

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Due to the strong Southeastern wind, called Jugo, which has caused waves up to 2.5 meters high, numerous catamaran and ...

Zadar Waterfront Heavily Damaged by Stormy Sea!

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The weather in Dalmatia has been wreaking havoc, and while things have calmed down significantly now, for many boats and ...

Weather in Croatia: Palagruža Records Highest Waves Since 2004!

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The weather in Croatia is typically viewed as sunny, dry and calm, and even impossibly hot by most who visit ...

Bura Hits Dalmatia: Wind Speed Over 100 kmh, Roads Closed for Traffic

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Wind speed reached 122 kmh in some parts of Dalmatia on Friday

Winds of Croatia: Levant, the Adriatic’s Easterly Wind

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Sailing in Croatia? Best you know your winds, Levant, the Easterly wind that can stir the Adriatic.