winter in croatia

Advent in Pag: Ice Skating Rink Comes to Pag for First Time!

Lauren Simmonds

Advent in Pag is said to boast a very rich program this year! Winter is just around the corner, and ...

Advent in Zagreb Begins Preparations for Earlier Beginning

Lauren Simmonds

Advent in Zagreb has seen Croatia’s capital go from strength to strength in terms of tourism over the last few ...

Could Croatia Ever Become A Quality Ski Destination?

Lauren Simmonds

Could Croatia ever possibly compete with skiing giants like nearby Austria? Yes… and no.

Slama Land Art Snow Sculptures in Osijek

Total Croatia News

The snow might prevent many things, but it also provides opportunities for creativity…

December Records Broken as Tourists Welcomed 2018 in Dubrovnik

Lauren Simmonds

The numbers suggest that Dubrovnik’s Winter Festival is set to become almost as popular as its Summer Festival!

Advent: 200,000 Guests to Descend on Zagreb?

Lauren Simmonds

Zagreb is set for a wave of tourists and big spending. Can the Croatian capital take the crown for the ...

Advent in Zagreb: Voting for Best Advent Destination in Europe Begins!

Lauren Simmonds

The Croatian capital has taken the title for two years in a row, can it do it again?

From Dubrovnik With Peace With DuRun10K

Lauren Simmonds

Race into the new year with DuRun10K – Dalmatia’s first New Years Day race!

How Will 2017’s Dubrovnik Winter Festival Differ From 2016?

Lauren Simmonds

What changes are in store for this year’s Dubrovnik Winter Festival?

No Sweat, No Crowds, No Problem – Five Reasons to Visit Dubrovnik in Winter

Lauren Simmonds

Dubrovnik may well be one of the hottest summer destinations right now, but why should you bother when winter is ...