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Nel Pavletic / PIXSELL

Rijeka Bomb Removal and Neutralisation Action Kicking Off

Katarina Anđelković

As Index writes, the residual anti-ship mine from the Second World War from the port of Rijeka began. As announced ...

United States Air Force - Wiki Commons

Sibenik Archaeologist Finds Remains of 1944 American Heavy Bomber

Katarina Anđelković

“It’s a story that has followed me since childhood, but I kind of ignored it until a few years ago. ...

Image: Pixabay

Bonfires Lit by River Sava in Zagreb to Commemorate WWII Liberation

Total Croatia News

The event was attended by Mayor Tomislav Tomašević, who said that it was the seventh year now that the liberation ...

Image: PIXSELL/Zeljko Lukunic

President Pays Tribute to WW2 Jasenovac Camp Victims on Breakout Day

Total Croatia News

The breakout was made on the morning of 22 April 1945 by the last 600 prisoners and about 100 survived. ...

WW2 Ordnance Successfully Removed from Poljana in Mali Losinj

Lauren Simmonds

December the 16th, 2020 – The area of Poljana in Mali Losinj is even safer following yesterday’s removal of old ...