zadar flood

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Flood Aftermath: Over HRK 1 Billion in Damage, No Beaches Left in Nin, More Than 20 Bridges Gone

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Flash flooding caused more than HRK1 billion worth of damage to the Zadar County, mainly Zadar and Nin, destroying roads ...


Fun in the Face of Disaster: A Few Zadrans Prove Their Spirits Remain High Despite Adversity

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What do Zadrans do in times of adversity and disaster? Laugh it all off, as only Dalmatian people can.


Torrent Caused by Heavy Rain Destroys Bridge in Nin (VIDEO)

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Heavy rainfall causes flooding and raging torrents in Zadar area, including Nin where the torrent has destroyed a part of ...

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Croatian State Leadership Urgently Heads to Zadar

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Cyclone Gracija has hit Dalmatia bringing torrential rainfall and severe flooding across the coast, especially in Zadar area, where 242 ...

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Heavy Rain and Flash Flood Hits Zadar

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After several months of drought, Zadar was hit with heavy rainfall that the city has seen in a very long ...