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Funicular Maintenance Works

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If you’re using one of the most popular symbols of Zagreb, you probably know that the Old Lady, operational since ...

Free wifi

Free WiFi on ZET Buses

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Great news for everyone with limited data plans on their smartphones: after Večernji reported that the Free WiFi pilot project ...

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History of Public Transport in Zagreb – Part III

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After parts one and two of our history of public transport in Zagreb, we complete the story with the final ...

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History of Public Transport in Zagreb – Part II

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We left our story of the history of public transport in Zagreb in 1910, when the first electric trams were ...

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History of Public Transport in Zagreb – Part I

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It was as early as 1844 that Zagreb got its first line public transport. It was not electric, of course, ...

Broken Down Tram Causes Traffic Jam in Držićeva/Branimirova

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A tram broke down at the intersection of Držićeva and Branimirova ulica, near the Main Bus Station, causing delays in ...

ZET’s Notorious 268 Line Defeats the 4 kn Ticket

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Everyone in Zagreb seems to be ecstatic because of the new public transport ticket and why wouldn’t they be – ...

Zagreb Public Transport Fares to be Cut

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Some welcome news for Zagreb’s commuters.

Take the Tram to Velika Gorica; Bike Along the Sava River

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Transport investments in the Croatian capital are partially fuelled by EU funds