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Snapshots of Split in 2014: Culinary Pioneers

Paul Bradbury

August 21, 2023 – As discussion about Split’s tourism strategy continues, snapshots of Split in 2014, and a missed opportunity. ...

Zoran Pejovic: Times Have Changed, Croatian Tourism Needs Change

Zoran Pejovic

Photo Romulic and Stojcic

Photo by Nikola Radovani

Luxury Hospitality Expert Zoran Pejovic on Split Tourism Development

Total Croatia News

TCN’s recent editorial Is Split Tourism ‘Strategy’ Killing the Goose with the Golden Eggs? attracted quite a lot of attention, as we ...

Build Scenarios! Be Present! Take Time to Think!

Total Croatia News

March 24, 2020 – More great advice for those in the travel industry as we wait for things to improve. ...


Hvar Star Residence: Project Update from Zoran Pejovic

Total Croatia News

December 14, 2018 –  TCN caught up with Zoran Pejovic, the person in charge of the Hvar Star Residence hotel project ...

Luxury Split Restaurant Paradigma Pops Up in Zagreb: Meet Zoran Pejovic

Total Croatia News

After a spectacular first year on the Split gourmet scene, Restaurant Paradigma – already a member of Jeunes Restaurateurs – ...

Does Dalmatian Cuisine Really Exist?

Total Croatia News

So asks one of Dalmatia’s leading restaurateurs, with an interesting comparison to the Latin language. 

Is Croatia a Premium Destination? Some Thoughts of a Quality Restaurateur

Total Croatia News

Is Croatia really a premium destination? Do its tourist experts really understand the needs of the modern tourist? A fascinating ...

The (Non-) Accidental Rise of Split as a Tourist Destination

Total Croatia News

This was such an interesting article about the (non-) accidental rise of Split as a tourist destination from Paradox maestro ...

Meet the Total Croatia News Writers: Zoran Pejovic

Total Croatia News

After almost four years of the Total Project, a nice thing is happening to me. I am finally getting to ...