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An overview of how to get from Split to Brač by ferry and catamaran. What you need to know about arriving at the four harbours of Supetar, Sumartin, Bol and Milna.

Supetar, the most popular ferry from Split to Brac

As a Hvar boy, I have always been a little jealous of the Supetar to Split ferry. Not only is it a lot closer, thereby allowing islanders to easily work in the city, but there are also so many more daily ferries, including one which leaves Split at midnight.

Easily the busiest connection from Brac to the mainland, Supetar is the most important connection from Split to Brac, especially if you are coming by car.

The Split to Supertar timetable (screenshot is for 2021, but the schedule for 2022 is exactly the same in the high season)
Courtesy of Jadrolinija

As with all Jadrolinija ferries, the Supetar line has a winter season (from October to May) with less frequent crossings) and a summer timetable (see above).

You can check the ferries for all Brac routes on Jadrolinija, include Split to Supetar, in English here.

For a complete overview of taking the ferry in Croatia, check out the TC Croatia Ferry Travel 2022: Tickets, WiFi, Italy, Maps & Pets.

How long does the Split to Supetar ferry take?

The crossing from Split to Supetar takes 50 minutes.

Sumartin, close to Makarska and an option from the south

Courtesy of Jadrolinija

Not strictly from Split to Brac, but a ferry options worth considering for some, perhaps. Especially if you are driving up from Dubrovnik and the south. The Makarska to Sumartin line is not as frequent as from Split to Supetar, but certainly a useful option.

How long does the Makarska to Sumartin ferry take?

The journey takes 50 minutes. It is a much smaller ferry, with capacity for 25-30 cars only. Unlike other ferries, here you can buy your car ticket in advance and be guaranteed a spot on the ferry.

Split to Brac and the daily catamaran to Bol and Jelsa

Destination Bol: the Split to Jelsa catamaran

I have spent a good part of my life on this route, conducting business in Split while living on Hvar. Although I have physically visited Bol only a few times, I have lost count of the 15 minute segments of my life I have spent at Bol harbour on the way home. This line is year-round and has transformed life in both Bol and Jelsa.

Where can I find the Split to Bol timetable? The 2022 timetable (almost the same as in the previous years)
Courtesy of Jadrolinija

The Split to Jelsa catamaran via Bol leaves at 16:30 each day. The journey takes one hour. The catamaran leaves daily in the opposite direction at 06:00.

Summer connection Dubrovnik Korcula-Hvar-Bol-Split

Starting in June of 2021, another catamaran option was added from Bol with Jadrolinija. The Dubrovnik – Korčula – Hvar – Bol – Split leaves Kings Landing at 07:00 and arrives in Bol at 11:40. Departure in the opposite direction is at 15:30.

Krilo catamaran from Split to Bol, Makarska, Korcula, Mljet and Dubrovnik
Courtesy of Krilo

Krilo also has a great catamaran option for Bol, which gives additional options. In 2022, the Split – Bol – Makarska – Korcula – Mljet – Dubrovnik route will run from June 3 to September 29 (click here for full schedule).

Milna, the Split- Brac – Hvar – Korcula – Dubrovnik connection

Milna is the fourth nautical point of entry to Brac. Seasonal routes are on offer from both Jadrolinija and Krilo.

Krilo from Split to Milna to Hvar to Korcula to Mljet to Dubrovnik
Courtesy of Krilo, the schedule for 2022 is almost identical (click here).

The Krilo route is seasonal, in 2022 planned to run from April 1 to October 30.

Jadrolinija catamaran from Split to Milna, Hvar and Vis
Courtesy of Jadrolinija

Jadrolinija also offers a catamaran connection from Split to Milna, with a rare direct connection to Vis via Hvar. It is probably the catamaran line in Croatia with the weirdest schedule, and most difficult to understand. It’s seasonal, it depends on the day of the week, and basically, if this is your choice, make sure you check their official 2022 schedule before making plans.

The fastest connection from Split to Brac – Sutivan in just 20 minutes!

There is not so much information on this hidden gem, but it appears that there is a peak season speedy connection to Sutivan and Milna from Split. According to the Sutivan Tourist Board, the Naranca Krilo ran from July 3 to August 20, 2020, on a daily basis. The connection to Sutivan was just 20 minutes and cost 30 kuna. Please check with the Sutivan Tourist Board, whose contact details are on this article with more information.

Where can I find the Split to Brac catamaran and ferry schedule?

For all Jadrolinija ferry and catamaran schedule enquiries, check here.

For all Krilo catamaran timetable queries, check here.

How much is the catamaran and ferry from Split to Brac?

Where to find the current prices of Jadrolinija tickets to Brac?

Courtesy of Jadrolinija

Ferry and catamaran pricing varies according to the two schedules – winter and summer. Above is the summer 2021 pricelist for the most popular crossing from Split to Brac – the Supetar ferry.

Prices tend not to change too much, but it would not be very shocking if Jadrolinija decided that it had to increase their prices for 2022 season, because of the increasing gas prices.

Scroll down to ‘District of Split’ and you will see links to information like the image above for Split to Supetar, Split to Bol, Split to Milna, and Makarska to Sumartin.

Where can I buy Jadrolinija ferry tickets?

Jadrolinija has an extensive network of sales agents in Croatia. Full details here. If you are buying in Split, the closest place to the ferry is the main Jadrolinija office in the giant building next to where you are parked.

Can I buy tickets from Split to Brac online?

Yes. This has been possible for a few years now, but PLEASE note that buying a ticket to take a car on a Jadrolinija ferry does NOT guarantee you a spot on the ferry. In terms of vehicles, it is first come, first served. So get there early, especially in peak season, then enjoy a coffee in Split while you wait.

You can buy Jadrolinija tickets online here.

You can buy Krilo tickets online here.

Krilo ticket prices for catamarans to Milna and Bol

There are two summer options with Krilo to reach the island. There is a Split to Milna connection, continuing to Hvar, Korcula, Mljet and Dubrovnik. The price in June 2021 was 50 kuna. More details on current pricing here.

There is also the Split to Bol option with Krilo, which continues to Makarska, Korcula, Mljet and Dubrovnik, currently priced at 100 kuna from Split to Bol. Makarska to Bol is also 100 kuna. More details on the current pricing here.

Smoking, pets & other Brac ferry tips

Smoking on the ferry and catamaran to Brac

You can smoke on the ferry, but only in the outside areas. Smoking inside is prohibited.

The situation is different on the catamaran, however, where you may not smoke at all (there is no outside space).

What about pets on the Brac ferry and catamaran

You can take pets on the ferry without problem. Small pets, which can be held, can travel (I have also seen the occasional goat) on the Jadrolinija catamaran, for a fee of 20 kuna.

Car rental on Brac or in Split?

There are pros and cons to renting a car on an island rather than the mainland. The decision, of course, depends on your individual needs, but there are some things to consider.

The cost, choice and quality of rental cars is undeniably better on the mainland. And there is certainly a comfort factor in having the same vehicle for the whole holiday.

However, you should note that this could (and usually does) come at a cost to the holiday experience. Waiting in ferry queues, the additional cost of the ferry, the inability to easily island hop, as well as the reality that with an island rental, you can use it only on the days you need. My personal experience, after many years of talking to tourists, is that island renters are usually the happier.

Summer ferry advice for car passengers – get there early!

I have lost count of the number of tourists whose holiday plans came unstuck due to congestion at a Croatian car ferry. Buying a ticked online does NOT guarantee your vehicle a place on the ferry, so you should really plan ahead. Having said that, I have rarely noticed problems with full ferries from Split outside the peak season, but it can happen.

Can you take a bicycle on the ferry to Brac?

You will have no problem taking a bike on the car ferries (but be prepared to pay a small fee). The situation is somewhat more complicated with the catamaran options. Krilo does allow bikes, but Jadrolinija does not.

Is there WiFi on the ferry or catamaran to Brac?

One can start by wondering why you would need to be checking your phone when you have such a short and gorgeous ferry to enjoy. But we recognise the need to be connected 24/7 in this day and age.

In theory, the main Jadrolinija ferries offer a WiFi connection, but in practice (at least at time of writing), it is somewhat erratic, and it is not 100% reliable. There is currently no WiFi service on the catamarans, although this could change soon.

Is there a ferry from Brac to Hvar?

One of the things which slows a lot of tourists down is the lack of car ferry connections between islands. There is currently no car ferry connection between Brac and Hvar, although there are catamaran connections, as mentioned above.

If you need a car and want to island hop, consider renting a car on the islands each time. You may pay a little extra, but that will be offset by the savings in ferry tickets, as well as a LOT less waiting time.

If you want to go from Brac to Hvar with a car, your only option is to go via Split.

The only year-round connection by public transport between the two gorgeous islands is the Jadrolinija Bol to Split connection.

Take advantage of the tourist boats from Bol to Jelsa

There is another great option in the season, however. The daily tour boats from Bol to Jelsa are a great way to explore a little of Hvar. Jelsa is famous for its wines, and you can really get a great taste of the Hvar wine scene, while also relaxing at the beach or on the pretty main square.

The tourist boats tend to leave about 09:00 – 10:00 in the morning, and they return about 18:00. Ticket price is in the region of 80 kuna return. And if you are looking for more information about Jelsa, then you can check out TC’s Jelsa in a Page.

How to do a day trip to Hvar from Brac?

There are various options for a day trip to Hvar from Brac, depending on the size of your wallet. The cheapest option, of course, is the Jelsa tourist boat above. You can also check out the catamaran connections from Milna and Bol, although an overnight stay might be more advisable.

Alternatively, look at the various options offered by tour agencies. While Jelsa is the closest option, Hvar Town and the Pakleni Islands remain the magnets. There are various organised tour options, but if you would like a little more flexibility and privacy, take the private tour option.

Some enterprising car rental agencies on Hvar have come up with packages where they will drop off a rental car for a day trip to an oncoming boat, which gives additional flexibility.

Do ferries run from Split to Hvar in bad weather?

Yes, although it is likely that the catamarans will not. It is almost unheard of for a Supetar to Split ferry to be cancelled due to bad weather (or any other reason). It happened about 3 times during my 13 years on Hvar, but this was a route much more exposed to the elements.

The catamaran, however, is a different proposition. Indeed, the catamaran is sometimes cancelled in the season. A useful way to check (apart from calling – see the contact details below) is to check the Jelsa webcams after 19:00 the night before. The Jelsa-Bol-Split catamaran spends the night in the pretty Jelsa harbour, but if it will not go due to bad weather, the catamaran heads to the more secure harbour in Stari Grad.

How to get from Split Airport to Brac?

Although there is an airport on Brac – and despite the fact it is growing in popularity – Split Airport remains the most popular airport for tourists coming to Brac.

There are various options for getting from Split Airport to Brac, all of which (apart from a private speedboat transfer) involve arriving at Split harbour. Some might be within your budget, depending on how big the group and their budget is. One of the newcomers to the market is Adriatic Express, and their offer might be worth checking out. For more details on all those options, check out the TC Split Airport guide.

Is there a flight from Split to Brac Airport?

There is no scheduled service from Split Airport to Brac, but the route is used by private planes and helicopter transfers.

Where can I find an organised speedboat transfer to Brac from Split?

There is nothing quite like arriving in style to kick-start your Brac holiday, and how better than with a speedboat transfer. Looking for speedboat options? Contact us on [email protected] Subject Brac speedboat.

Helicopters and private planes

Private planes can – and do – arrive at Brac Airport, which is growing in significance for the island’s tourism. All you need to know about Brac Airport can be found in the TC guide.

Reliable helicopter transfers are surprisingly somewhat of an issue in Croatia. If you are looking for a helicopter transfer, contact us on [email protected] for latest availability, Subject Helicopter.

Contact details, and is there a phone number to call?

The number embedded in my brain after 13 years living on Hvar is +385-21-338333, the Split office of Jadrolinija. The staff are multi-lingual, and this is the best place to get information on whether or not the catamaran will go in bad weather. Contact details for Jadrolinija and Krilo below:

Riva 16, 51 000 Rijeka
tel: +385 51 666 111
[email protected]

Poljička cesta Suhi Potok 28, 21314 Krilo Jesenice
+385 21 645 476
[email protected]

For more information about taking the ferry in Croatia, check out the dedicated TCN page.


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