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Taking a taxi in Croatia? Some tips to avoid being ripped off, taxi contact details in all the major cities, and the role of Uber and UberBOAT

Taking a taxi in Croatia – what you need to know

Taxis in Croatia are widespread, and you should have no problem finding one in the major cities. Prices are (at least in theory) on the meter, but it always makes sense to agree the price before stepping inside.

Prices are generally reasonably affordable in the big cities, but things can change in more remote areas. Taking a taxi from the ferry in Stari Grad to Hvar Town, for example, will set you back 300 kuna, or more (about 40 euro). The further from civilisation you go, the less likely there will be a meter. And so the more necessary it is to agree on the fee in advance.

As elsewhere in the world, taxi drivers do not have the best reputation in Croatia. The arrival of Uber in the market did little to change that. The reaction to this new competition from the global ride-share app by taxi drivers, particularly in Zagreb, was vocal and at times violent.

The taxi protests included blocking the major cities during the peak summer season, including the road to Dubrovnik airport. If this was an attempt to get popular support, it failed spectacularly.

Several Croatian taxi companies now have their own apps, and you can order a taxi in Croatia this way.

Why you should be wary of taking a taxi from Zagreb Airport

My history of taking a taxi in Croatia is poor, and I for one, was thrilled when Uber entered the market.

Taxi ripoff stories can be found all over the world, but I wanted to pay special mention of the situation at Zagreb Airport.

Only licenced taxi drivers from the municipality of Velika Gorica can wait at the airport. As such, they have a monopoly on transfers into town. Unless that is, you are a little resourceful (learn more on the Total Croatia Zagreb Airport guide).

I have heard some real horror stories of people being charged more than 100 euro for the 20-minute drive into town. Always agree the price before you get in the taxi. And I would still use Uber every time. The cost of an Uber to the airport is fixed at just 90 kuna.

Uber and the Croatian market

The arrival of Uber on the Croatian market was not without incident.

There was a prolonged campaign of intimidation against Uber drivers, with one Uber driver’s car set alight with him inside the car. In short, Zagreb’s taxi drivers made it very difficult for Uber drivers to operate.

And yet Uber expanded. After starting in Zagreb, Uber quickly expanded down to the coast. It is now present all along the Dalmatian coast, as well as Rijeka and Istria. The ease of downloading an app and using this service was what attracted Croatians in the first place.

But they have taken to the new global arrival very well, and Uber is now very much an integrated part of Croatian life. You can find out more about Uber in Croatia via the official website. Some other companies with similar philosophies have entered the Croatian market since, like Bolt, and more competition is always good for the customers in the end.


While Uber may be a global phenomenon, its arrival in Croatia brought something new to the world.

UberBOAT was launched with great fanfare on the Dalmatian coast in 2017. It is a seasonal service catering to the needs of tourists who wanted to get to their island destination fast took the transfer industry in a new direction.

The service works in a similar way to regular Uber rides, and a special UberBOAT section was just added to the existing app. Notably, the two main concepts were offered from the start: point to point delivery and island hopping UberBOAT rental by the minute.

Both have proved quite popular, and UberBOAT returned for an expanded second season in 2018. At the time, it looked set to be a regular feature on the the Croatian tourism scene, but then came the tourist season of 2020. It’s still too early to say whether (and in what shape and scope) it will be available in Croatia in 2021 again.

Check out the TCN UberBOAT ride experience in the video below, and learn more about the service on the UberBOAT website.

Zagreb taxi companies

Most taxi companies in Zagreb can only take orders by phone or application. The exception to that is Radio Taxi, which has stands in all the key places in the city. They are also by the far the most expensive company as a result, in my experience. Only use them if you are really in a hurry, and even then for short distances.

Cammeo TAXI Zagreb  +385 (0) 1 1212

Eko TAXI Zagreb 1414

Radio TAXI Zagreb 1717

Ride 2

Comparison of Taxi Prices for Some Companies

So how do the prices of a taxi in Croatia compare between the various companies? In order to find out more, click on this Croatian taxi price comparison website.

Split taxi companies

You can find a list of taxi companies in Split below. If you are looking for more information on getting from Split Airport to the city, including by taxi, here is our Split Airport guide.

Eko taxi 021 223 223

Cammeo +385 (0) 21 313 313

Radio Taxi Split +38521473737

Dubrovnik taxi companies

Eko Taxi 020 432 432

Cammeo +385 (0) 20 212 212

Taxi Dubrovnik – Radulović + 385 91 33 22 022

Radio Taxi Dubrovnik +385 (0) 20 411 411

Plavi Taxi Dubrovnik +385 (0) 20 332 222

Zadar taxi companies

Taxi Lulić +385 23494-494

Taxi Denis 091/2622621

Taxi Jadera +385(99)3232 321

Pula taxi companies

+385 (0) 52 313 313

Taxi Pula 052 223 228

Taxi Edy Pula +385(0)98 440 844

Rijeka taxi companies

Cammeo +385 (0) 51 313 313

Radio Taxi Rijeka 585-585

Čorkez Taxi +385 (0)91 1288778

Taxi Delta +385 97 77 77 397

Taxi Rijeka +385 91 5003355

Taxi Vita 097 777 3131

Osijek taxi companies

Cammeo +385 (0) 31 205 205

Osijek Taxi 031-200-200


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