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Internationally renowned, Baška Voda, Croatia is a firm favourite for family holidays. Fantastic hotels, apartments and villas, brilliant beaches, great restaurants and lots of things to do. It’s the classic Dalmatia summer destination.

Baška Voda Croatia, classic family holidays by the beach

If you’re looking for a sunny spot with fantastic beaches for family holidays, they don’t come much better than Baška Voda. This former fishing village has been warmly welcoming visitors for a long time. Subsequently, great hotels and restaurants have sprung up and down it vast stretch of beaches. However, this location is far from overrun with tourism. It retains a peaceful, quiet, traditional vibe in comparison with other Adriatic destinations. Sat at the foot of Biokovo mountain, very close to the buzz of larger port Makarska, it’s also well-positioned for exciting day trips to Omiš, Split, Brač, Imotski and more. Here’s all you need to know for your holidays in Baška Voda.

Great things to do in Baška Voda Croatia

Baška Voda riva (promenade) © Tourist Board of Baška Voda

After a few days in the paradise of Baška Voda, some (especially teenagers on a family holiday) begin to ask ‘are there actually any things to do in Baška Voda?’ Well, yes. There are lots of great things to do in Baška Voda. But, let’s first get some things straight.

Holidays in Baška Voda are a great and specific choice. Here, it’s peaceful, relaxing, beautiful and chilled out. Unquestionably, this is a place to relax and unwind on brilliant beaches with crystal-clear seas. Looking for the bright lights of the big city? Not here. Indeed, if that’s what you want, go on holiday to Split or Makarska.

One of the best things about a holiday in Baška Voda is that you can dip in and out of some wildly different experiences whenever you want. But, for some, you might have to leave the boundaries of the small town. But it’s not a problem. Local and intercity buses connect Baška Voda very well. Or, hire a car. Moreover, you can always hop on a boat. At the end of a very different day, Baška Voda will be waiting to welcome you back. But, let’s first start with the best things to do in Baška Voda itself.

One of the best things to do in Baška Voda is go to the beach
The section of Baška Voda beach sometimes called Stazica © Tourist Board of Baška Voda

Sounds obvious. But, don’t take it for granted. Baška Voda has the best beaches. Indeed, not every place has beaches as good as here. Check out all the best Baška Voda beaches in our dedicated section below.

Saint Nicholas: Father Christmas lives year-round in Baška Voda
Santa Claus lives all year in Baška Voda © Tourist Board of Baška Voda

The patron saint of Baška Voda is Saint Nicholas. Obviously, he’s the inspiration for modern-day Santa Claus. Usually, you only see the generous, long-bearded fellow in cold months. But, he lives year-round in Baška Voda. Indeed, if you arrive in Baška Voda by boat, he’ll be the first to greet you. An impressive statue of Saint Nicholas stands by the waterside in the town centre. He blesses all who arrive and depart from Baška Voda. Not only the town’s sailors and its fishermen, but also you.

Climb the stairs to his neo-Romanesque church, built in 1889. It has colourful stained-glass windows, installed in the late 1980s. Inside, modern paintings like ‘Stations of the Cross’ arrived a year later.

Explore the shore by kayak or boat
Kayak in the Adriatic to explore Baška Voda

The shoreline around Baška Voda is brilliant to explore. Hidden coves and small, difficult-to-reach beaches reveal themselves when you pass by kayak or boat. Hire one locally. . The seas are usually very calm all summer and so one of the best ways to do this exploring is by hiring either a kayak or boat. Across the sea, giant islands Hvar and Brac line your route. On the other side, the massive Biokovo mountain. You’ll forget every insignificant stress.

Pass by happy holidaymakers. Stop somewhere for a picnic. Or, just jump overboard and swim at a spot you like. The remoteness is what helps difficult-to-reach beaches like Jakiruša or Vruja special. But, from the sea, you’ll reach them easily. Obviously, you must first coat yourself well in sun cream – the sun is relentless and there’s no shade on the open Adriatic. A hat’s a good idea too.

Go diving
© Poseidon Diving Centre Baška Voda

You don’t have to be an expert to explore the deep in Baška Voda. Poseidon Diving Centre, right by the town port, cater for both beginners and the more experienced. Moreover, they’ve earned themselves a great reputation over 20 years.

Get a thrilling bird’s eye view by parasailing
Go parasailing in Baška Voda

The beach and town look totally different from the air. Minutes feel like hours as you ascend, the sounds of the beach fading away. Suspended in the air and fly free, you’ll not want to come back down. Find the parasailing guys on Nikolina beach.

Learn about Croatia wine from the very best – Zlatan Otok
Some of the best Croatian wine © Zlatan Otok

If you know your Croatian wine, it’s difficult to believe that Zlatan Otok (Golden Island) have only been around since 1986. Their brand is one of the most recognised. You see it in most supermarket and many restaurants. Indeed, they are among the most-awarded wineries in Croatia. In short, they really know their wine.

Their famous winery for visits is actually on the island of Hvar. Indeed, they take their name from the island. But, not all of their operation is there. In fact, they grow the grapes for some of their very best wines in the hills near to Baška Voda. Specifically, the plavac mali grape grows very well here. But, a good way to get to know all their different varieties is by visiting.

Zlatan Otok have 75 hectares of vineyards near Baška Voda. 650 000 vines grow there, between the altitudes of 30 and 400 metres. They make powerful, punchy reds like Plavac Mali, Crljenak (zinfandel), Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Also, whites like Pošip, Žilavka, Dubrovnik Malvasia, Chardonnay and Yellow Muscat. Let them teach you all about the grapes and wines. You’ll try samples accompanied with snacks overlooking the pristine rows of vines.

Beach bar brilliance
Southern Comfort beach bar © Južnjačka Utjeha

Just a couple of minutes north of Baška Voda town centre, on Ikovac beach, Južnjačka Utjeha is one of the best beach bars for miles around. The name means southern comfort in Croatian. Take break from the sun and lounge on deck chairs. Plant your towel close by and enjoy the music. The vibe stays nice after sundown too. There’s another absolutely outstanding beach bar south of the town, well on the way to Makarska. Sahara Beach Bar in Bratus is maybe more remote and secluded. And very special indeed.

Hire a bicycle
Above Baška Voda on bicycles, as recommended by town hotel Villa Bacchus © Hotel Villa Bacchus

Whizz around from beach to beach or pop into a neighbouring town by bike. In particular, Makarska is no distance at all when you’re on a bicycle. Moreover, in Baška Voda you’re only a few kilometres from the end of the Makarska riviera. And, just around the corner is a whole other fabulous stretch of Croatia coast to explore – the Omiš riviera. Wear your sunscreen! It might feel cooler than it actually is as the breeze brushes your skin, but you can burn easily. You don’t want to arrive in Makarska or Marušići looking red like a lobster.

Catch the nighttime vibe and party in Makarska
The port harbour at Makarska © Vjeko Begović / Croatian National Tourist Board

Lying less than 10km south of Baška Voda, Makarska is not so much a day trip as a stroll. In fact, the best thing about the close proximity is that you can dip in and out of the larger town as you please. And, when you do, you’ll catch a totally different vibe.

Comparatively, Makarska is much busier and more lively. Got a teenager in the family and want to let them off the leash for a while? They’ll prefer Makarska. It’s got better nightlife options, including several clubs. In particular, Deep Makarska is worth seeing. Not least because it’s inside a cave. It’s very near the town centre.

If your teen is not quite old enough for that, there’s Buba Beach Bar, just north of Makarska town centre. This runs through the daytime too. The loud music is a bit much for some, but others – particularly younger people – really enjoy it.

If you’re not much of a nightclubber, Makarska is still worth experiencing in the evening. Some of the older parts of the centre are particularly atmospheric at night. Winding, stone streets with tavern tables outside and a vibrancy to the air. You may well enjoy the change of scenery if you’re hankering after a craft beer or a different restaurant menu.

Get close up to epic nature: Walk, Hike Biokovo Mountain, its Nature Park, incredible views from the Skywalk
Skywalk Biokovo © Skywalk Biokovo

The mountain is inescapable. At 36 kilometers in length, it dominates the Makarska riviera entirely. Moreover, it’ll be the brilliant backdrop to every sunrise and sunset you see in Baška Voda. And most photos you take.

It’s not quite the barren rock it looks to be from the shore. In fact, the whole area – almost 200  km² – is a Nature Park. Rare flora live here. And, so too do weasels, martens, horned owls, greyish eagles, serpent eagles, chamois and mouflon. As a matter of fact, it’s greener on the opposite side from the beach. But, you need to get to the top or travel around to see that. And, we suggest you do.

The flora and fauna reveal themselves best while walking or hiking the mountain. Or on a guided tour. Visit the summit by car if you don’t fancy the walk. At 1422 meters, Vošac is the highest point. Its views are some of Croatia’s best. The great town of Makarska looks tiny below you. Across the shimmering expanse of blue, the island of Brac. And, behind it, Hvar. Epic.

As if these incredible views were alone not enough, an extra adrenaline-pumping dimension has recently been added. At Ravna Vlaška, very close to Vošac, a thrilling attraction helps you get the most from the view. Completed in 2020, the Skywalk is a see-through viewing platform sitting 1228 metres above sea level. Furthermore, it extends out some 12 metres into the skies. Beneath your feet as you walk across it, nothing. A sheer drop. White knuckles of even the bravest grip the handrail when they look down.

Catch an altogether different flavour of Dalmatia, in the hinterland city of Imotski and its lakes
The Blue Lake, one of the 11 Imotski lakes © Grad Imotski

With its relatively calm air and still-active fishing harbour, Baška Voda retains the traditional feel of a small Dalmatian seaside town. The flashing neon lights of mass tourism don’t spoil things. Neither too the loud, intrusive thump of discotheque music.

If traditional Dalmatia captures your heart, head inland. You’ll experience a whole other side. And, Imotski is a brilliant and unique choice. It’s less than 30 km away by road. Moreover, getting there couldn’t be easier, thanks to the tunnel they built through the mountain. In fact, the tunnel sets an incredible precedent that the whole of lesser-visited Croatia should follow. In order to pay for the tunnel, the initial passage carried a toll. Once paid for, the toll disappeared. It’s now free. Outstanding.

Best known for its Blue and Red lakes, there are in fact a total of 11 around the city. Take the epic descent down to the Blue lake. Swimming in its calm, fresh waters is an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Emphatically, it’s wholly unlike swimming in the sea. Remember to conserve enough energy for the walk back up! Restaurant prices drop considerably the further you get from the sea. Bargain!

Huge fun rafting on Cetina river or zip line in Omiš
Zipline across the Cetina river © Zipline Croatia

After travelling some 100 kilometres to get there, the Cetina is the largest river in Croatia that flows into the Adriatic sea. It’s awesome. So too are the activities it offers.

You don’t need to travel far to visit it from Baška Voda. Its nearest point is just 10 km away, beyond the upper part of Brela. But, head to Omiš if you want the full range of thrills. Go canyoning, rock climbing, hiking or kayaking through wildlife-rich nature. Most exhilarating of all, white water rafting and hands down the greatest zip-line run in Croatia. Read all about these fantastic activities and the river Cetina in Omiš here. Read everything you need to know about Omiš in our guide.

Best Beaches in Baška Voda

Podluka beach in Baška Voda © Tourist Board of Baška Voda

Baška Voda is beach central. Few places have as much pristine, uninterrupted shoreline on their doorstep. Moreover, beaches in Baška Voda aren’t stand alone. They just kind of follow on from each other. As a result, they’re not easily identifiable without your phone. But, forget about that. Ask a local for directions. Or, better still, just walk around until you find a spot you like. There beaches north of Baška Voda, to Brela and beyond, are brilliant. So too are the beaches running south, all the way to Makarska. Here’s a selection.

Fun for all the family at Nikolina beach
Nikolina beach © Tourist Board of Baška Voda

Stretching south from Baška Voda’s harbour, Nikolina is the popular, main beach. It holds a Blue Flag, awarded for the cleanness of its water. Showers, toilets and other facilities are accessible to all. In particular, it caters well for disabled visitors. There are plenty of pine trees to shade from the sun. Additionally, cafe bars are another escape. Pedolas, boat trips, a children’s playground, kayaking, bicycle hire, jet ski hire, inflatables, parasailing, snorkelling, trampolining and billiards are all on offer.

Swimming, sun and shade at Promajna beach
Promajna and its beach © Tourist Board of Baška Voda

3 km to the south of Baška Voda’s centre, you’ll find Promajna beach in the same-named settlement. It’s a great beach for families with even the youngest children. Markedly, the land here slopes into the sea at a super gentle gradient. Subsequently, it’s a great place for the paddling that grandparents and their grandchildren sometimes prefer. Moreover, there are toilets, deck chairs, showers and cafe bars with food, so you spend hours here. Popular, you definitely won’t be alone here. But, there’s plenty of room for everyone.

Hang out day and night on Ikovac beach
Ikovac beach, just north of Baška Voda centre © Tourist Board of Baška Voda

Just north of the town, Ikovac has a slightly more mature air than other options. Maybe the beach bar Južnjačka Utjeha has something to do with it. Don’t have kids and furthermore, don’t want to be disturbed by anyone else’s? Head here.

Escape the crowds and swim with doggo at dog beach Oseka
Part of Oseka beach © Laci30

Of course, it’s not just a dog beach. You won’t arrive to see an army of poodles paddling. But, it does have a dedicated section where doggo can swim. You can join him too. Lying just south of Nikolina, this beach is often quieter than the popular options. So, if that’s what you’re after, go take a look.

Peaceful, pristine seclusion at Punta Rata beach in Brela
Punta Rata beach in Brela © Aleksandar Gospić / Croatian National Tourist Board

Although Punta Rata is only two kilometres up the coast from the centre of town, you can’t say this is Baška Voda. In fact, the beach is just north of Brela. But, it’s impossible not to mention it. It’s the favourite beach for many locals. Visitors fall in love with it too. Markedly, it’s the calm air and fantastic views it’s famous for. There are beaches with more to keep youngsters occupied. But, if your children are very young and you want a quiet, peaceful time, this is a superb choice.

The hidden secret of Jakiruša beach
Jakiruša © Burin restaurant, caffe & cocktail, Brela

Not only is this the furthest beach from Baška Voda we’ll detail, but also it’s not easy to reach. However, Jakiruša is a singular treat. Actually, by car is the best approach. You can park nearby. Thereafter, you have to clamber down steep rocks to the beach. Therefore, it’s not for everyone. But, this inaccessibility helps keep Jakiruša special. The beach is extremely beautiful and usually uncrowded. Want to take someone special to someplace special for some sunset-watching? This is the place. Distinct and unique rock formations form an unforgettable, immediate backdrop.

Don’t be an idiot and try to clamber down the steep rocks in flip flops. Wear your sneakers. An easier option to access the beach is by hiring a kayak.

Restaurants: Where to eat

Baška Voda restaurants
Restaurant Bracera Baška Voda

There are so many great restaurants in Baška Voda, you could eat in a different one every lunch and dinner on a two week holiday. Not kidding.

Restaurant Bracera is popular. And, with big portions, reasonable prices and good food, you can see why. Staff are usually great. Although, they’re often rushed off their feet, catering for a full house. It’d take twice as many waiters to serve this lot in the UK. Advance booking recommended. Del Posto on Obala Sv. Nikole is part of the polished Grand Hotel Slavia. As a result, it’s quite formal. Subsequently, its well-presented pasta dishes, seafood and desserts are maybe better for dinner than an informal lunch.

King Restaurant Baska Voda

Sadly, two distinct options are (as of writing) temporarily closed. Maybe cheap, cheerful but great Street Food Bar Patrick’s and seafood and sushi spot Matrioska might return for the season? Borik is a great beachside spot, good for pizza, burger and squid for lunch, and dinner too. King Restaurant in the centre has the warm welcome and attentive service of the family-run restaurant it is. But, dishes are often so well presented, it feels more like fine dining. Good wine list too. Konoba Bratus is by the beach, but hidden away, a couple of kilometres south of the centre in Krvavica. It’s worth finding.

The big portions are reasonably-priced at informal Bistro Galija. You’ll have to give up the sea view to find inexpensive, traditional tavern Konoba Toni. It’s worth it!

Restaurants: Worth the journey
Konoba Panorama Topići, in Topići, Baska Voda © Konoba Panorama Topići

Konoba Galinac in the hills overlooking Brela has special food, a special terrace and very special views. Exceptional. Currently closed, maybe it’ll be back for the season? Konoba Panorama is even further up into the hills, this time behind Baška Voda itself. Its huge terrace holds epic views. Authentic Dalmatian meals are a specialty here. Look and maybe book the day before, if you want to try pasticada or peka (do!)

15 km south of Baška Voda, the small town of Tucepi has the Michelin-recommended Jeny. Nearby Konoba Ranch is more informal, but its location in the middle of an olive tree garden gives a truly special ambience.

Accommodation: Hotel, Villa, Apartment, Camping

Hotels in Baška Voda
Bluesun Hotel Berulia

Bluesun Hotel Berulia, north of the town, is a 5-star treat. Also, highly rated too are Hotel Horizont and Grand Hotel Slavia. Additionally worth recommending, Hotel Croatia and Hotel Bacchus.

Boutique Hotel Noemia, Baška Voda
Boutique Hotel Noemia, Baška Voda

Both stylish and modern, Boutique Hotel Noemia offers something different in the Baška Voda hotel line-up. Inside, the spacious restaurant offers full or half board and there’s a generous buffet breakfast each morning. Outside, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool. The 4-star hotel offers a 24-hour reception, room service and free WiFi. Luxurious rooms with a modern design come with air conditioning, a seating area and flat-screen TV with cable channels.

Outdoor pool at the Boutique Hotel Noemia
Villas and apartments in Baška Voda

There are too many great options to detail all. But check the usual online booking options and review sites for details. And, don’t be a dummy. Read more than the first couple of reviews. And, check out exactly where the place is.

Camping in Baška Voda
Baško Polje

You’ve got two campsite options in Baška Voda. In the first place and closest to town there’s Baško Polje. Notably, it has lots of little wooden camping huts, nestled in the shade of a pine forest next to the beach. After that, and a little further south, Camping Krvavica has a brilliant terrace, garden and other facilities for guests. Both tents and vans/campers are accommodated at Krvavica. Moreover, both these campsites are fantastic.

Krvavica in Baška Voda, close to Makarska. Brilliant! © Autokamp Krvavica


Sunset beyond island Brac, as seen from Baska Voda © Zvone00

Like all of coastal Dalmatia, Baška Voda has a classic Mediterranean climate, with long, hot summers. Indeed, many days of sunshine can be all but guaranteed here. What’s more, you can usually wear shorts and a t-shirt from April until November. Here’s how the weather in Baška Voda looks today and for the rest of the week.


H: +10°
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Baska Voda
Friday, 19 March
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Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu
+10° +11° +11° + +10° +13°
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Where is Baška Voda Croatia? Map of Baška Voda

View Larger Map

Brilliant Baška Voda is a seaside town on the Makarska riviera in Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia. Its coordinates are 43.3573° N, 16.9520° E

Day Trips from Baška Voda Croatia: islands, Omiš, Split, Dubrovnik

Mouth of the Cetina at Omiš © Ivo Biocina / Croatian National Tourist Board

Yes, we’ve already recommended Omiš in this guide. But, there’s so much more to the little city than just rafting on the Cetina river and the zip line. Without doubt, Omiš Old Town is incredibly beautiful. Moreover, it has a wonderful nighttime ambiance. Particularly in summer, when diners and drinkers fill the alleys and little squares. As a matter of fact, if you only do one mainland day trip on your Baška Voda holiday, and if you don’t want to travel too far, go here.


With the famous islands of Brač and Hvar constantly tempting you from across the water, it’d be a shame not to give in. Certainly, you can take boat trips locally. But, a super cheap option are the walk-on ferries and catamarans from Makarska. They run very regularly.

Krilo have a fast boat service that runs between Split, Brač, Makarska, Korčula, Mljet and Dubrovnik. See the timetable and buy tickets here. On the Jadrolinija ferry you can take your car to Brač. Timetable and tickets are here.

Riva in Split © Grad Split

Less than 100 km north up the coast is Croatia’s second city. Everyone should walk around Diocletian’s Palace once in their life. It’s the perfect big city for a day trip. There’s so much to do and see. Find out more in our guide.

Aerial Dubrovnik
City of Dubrovnik from above © Chensiyuan

200 km south is the famed walled city of Dubrovnik. Yes, it’s a trek. But, it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime must. Read up on it here.

How to get to: Flights, Bus, Drive


Of course, a small town like Baška Voda doesn’t have its own airport. However, it is less than 90 km from Split airport. Moreover, it takes around an hour to get there by car. You can also make the trip between the two very easily by bus. For all you need to know about Split airport look here.

Baška Voda is only around twice as far from the airport in Dubrovnik as it is from Split’s. Subsequently, it really shouldn’t take three times longer to get there (around 3 hours – no guarantees!) But, currently, it does. However, the Pelješac Bridge is nearing completion. Indeed, as much as an hour could soon be cut from the travelling time. Great! Read more about Dubrovnik airport here.


Travelling intercity by bus in Croatia is a fast, popular and reliable option. Indeed, you can reach Baška Voda by bus from anywhere in Croatia. Learn more about travelling through the country by bus here.

Road, by car

Baška Voda is a short drive off the main motorway from Zagreb, and you drop down just above Makarska. If you are coming from Split, you have the option also of taking the coastal road, which is very pretty. Out of season, this might be a good idea, and the journey time is similar to going via the motorway.

However, the tourist season is a different story. Plans are in place to upgrade the road infrastructure around the bottleneck of Omiš. But, until those works are completed, the motorway route will save you time and frustration.

Similarly, you have the coastal route option coming from Dubrovnik and the south, but the motorway will be quicker, taking less than two and a half hours.

Looking for a fast, reliable and trouble-free transfer to or from Baška Voda? Contact TC transfer partner Adriatic Transfers for your one-stop solution.


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