Dubrovnik in History

Art, History, Culture and… Medicine – Meet Dubrovnik’s 700 Year Old Pharmacy

Lauren Simmonds

Not your every day one-stop-drug-shop. Dubrovnik’s Old Pharmacy marks 700 years.

Daksa: Foreign Media Interested By Sale Of Dubrovnik’s Island of Ghosts

Lauren Simmonds

Dubrovnik’s otherwise little known ”Island of Ghosts” has the international press talking…

The Dark Side of Lokrum – Curses, Mystery and Premature Death

Lauren Simmonds

Lokrum is beautiful, but it has an extremely dark side that not many will readily be open to you about…

A Touch of Bulgaria… in Dubrovnik!

Total Croatia News

A memorial replica of a historic chart issued in 1230 AD by a Bulgarian Tsar unveiled in Dubrovnik!

History repeats itself! Girl goes to Dubrovnik to recreate exact photo her mother took 40 years ago

Lauren Simmonds

There is something so charming about old photos, especially when they’re recreated and brought to life once again!

Valuable legacy of Antun Vučetić donated to Dubrovnik Archives

Lauren Simmonds

The Dubrovnik archives welcome an invaluable, historical addition…

Nikola Dobroslavic: ”It’s time we add the name Rudjer Boskovic to Dubrovnik Airport!”

Lauren Simmonds

The Dubrovnik-Neretva County Prefect gives us his two cents on what personal touches Dubrovnik Airport should get.

Dubrovnik in History: On this Day in 1976, Last Whistle Sounds on the Ćiro

Daniela Rogulj

On this day, May 30, 1976, the last whistle sounded on the popular Ćiro train in Dubrovnik as it embarked ...


Dubrovnik in History: On the Street in 1941

Total Croatia News

Every time I see vintage photos of Dubrovnik, I marvel at the empty walls and the streets dotted only with ...

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