Top 5 Day Hikes Near Korčula Town

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When you just can’t stay on a beach, or have great wine and food or enjoy the islets any more, it’s time for a walk!

If you’re in Korčula during the summer, all of these hikes are doable, even on a hot day, just remember to bring lots of water, wear good shoes and have sunscreen handy. Remember, on some parts of these routes there will be heavy traffic on the roads, so be careful and stay on the side of the road. If you’re doing these walks during pre- or post-season, you’ll probably enjoy them even more!

1) Forteca – full name of the tower is the English tower of Fort Wellington, built during a very brief period of British occupation of Korčula in 1813, on the ruins of an old Venetian fortification. Obviously, since it has been deemed a perfect spot for a fortification by two major navy powers, it’s going to have a great view, one you shouldn’t miss. Don’t go up the shortest route, walk along the shore all the way to the Maksimilijan Vanka Collection, then through the dense forest slowly uphill before turning sharply right to get to the fortress on the top. Enjoy the view, bring some food and have a picnic, take a lot of photos (on your route back you will also pass the place from where all of those amazing photos of the old town are taken, so maybe try and plan to be on your way back during the golden hour!) – this is a really easy hike, for those who are less in shape

2) St. Anthony’s Hill – a small hill, located on the road to Lumbarda, 2.5 kilometres from the centre of the old town, is where the 14th century chapel dedicated to St. Anthony the Abbot. Just over a hundred steps lead to the chapel, and those steps are hidden from view by a cypress alley planted in early 18th century. The view from the top of the islets is worth the walk up, and there are several nice restaurants around the hill which will help you get your strength back, if those 102 steps prove to be too much for you – this is somewhat longer hike, but still not too demanding

3) Lumbarda – If you’re staying in Korčula and want to go to Lumbarda for a swim on one of their wonderful beaches, and also enjoy walks, think about walking there! It’s 7 kilometres, most of your route will be in the shade, if you go in late August there will be fig trees all around you with ripe fruit on them (we’re not suggesting you necessarily steal the figs; just enjoy the view of them 😉 ), and imagine how good the first dip in the sea will feel after that! Of course, if you don’t feel like walking back (which might be because you visited one too many of those Lumbarda wineries ) there’s regular bus service between Korčula and Lumbarda, or you can decide that you really need another dip in Korčula and just walk back to be able to enjoy the refreshment once again.

4) Žrnovo – The village of Žrnovo is made up by four smaller settlements, and still holds a lot of the authenticity of what life used to be like on the island. Walk from the centre of Korčula to Žrnovo Postrana for amazing old buildings with the view of the field, then go a bit North through Prvo Selo and make a right onto Brdo, an amazing, almost completely unadulterated setting with yet another amazing view of the beauty that is Korčula’s inside belly. For added points, walk a bit further to Kočje Reservation, a small protected area of amazing natural beauty. After that, walk down the steep road to Žrnovska banja on the coast, and in the afternoon take a swim protected from that maestral wind that is relentless around Korčula during summer. Walk back to Korčula along the coastline. If you’re hungry, there are several amazing restaurants in Žrnovo offering authentic food. – this is a bit more demanding hike, especially if you decide to go all the way to Kočje, so don’t do this unless you know you’re up for it, ready and fit.

5) Rasohatica – the most demanding, but also probably the most rewarding walk in this Top 5 list, almost 10 kilometres of pure joy, which will take you through the vineyards all the way to one of the wonderful beaches located on the Korčula South seaside (as the locals call them, the “Defora” beaches), you will be able to enjoy the view of Mljet and Lastovo, swim on a perfect beach with not too many people around, experience the newly planted Grk vineyards facing South, and all that in a hike of around 10 km. If you’re too tired to walk back to Korčula, you just need to get to Žrnovo (3 or 4 kilometres), where you’ll be able to catch a bus back. – you need to be in a really good shape to be able to do this.


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