Early Morning Split Riva, It Doesn’t Clean Itself

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Tash Pericic

Split Riva, it is always next to immaculate, a beautiful sight and first impression for visiting tourists… but have you ever wondered how it transforms from dusk til dawn?

This week has been a week of heroes; from the firemen and volunteers who battled blazes, to the locals who opened their hearts, rolled up their sleeves and got to helping in any way possible – whether that was through donating items to those in need, or opening restaurants and making lunch and the much-needed kava (coffee) for the firemen. No act was too small and I think it is fair to say that our Split, is a very special town.

It got me thinking about the word ‘hero’ and how, in fact, there are so many unsung heroes in our daily lives.

Last night I captured this video of the Split Riva on a Friday night – it was an incredible atmosphere, there were families out, children running around, in the middle of the Riva there was a DJ playing hits that got everyone grooving – yes, Despacito is unavoidable, but who can’t not shake their hips to this tune? Acrobatics, popcorn, bright balloons, people sitting alongside the water eating pizza and enjoying the scene…

As I made my way through the Riva, soaking in the atmosphere, I reached Matejuško – the local watering hole, this is where locals (typically older men), sit with their bottles of beer and discuss their plans to change the world… or this is my interpretation of it anyway.

The video I posted got close to 2,000 views – this is the Split people know and love.

Yet, by the next day, as if by magic, there are no remnants to tell the tale from the night before…

 Of course, we don’t live in a fairy tale world, there is no magic here – it’s just that sometimes we forget to stop and think about ‘what we cannot see’.

This morning I happened to be on the Riva at 6 am – no I wasn’t still clinging onto Friday night like a few I saw around…


I stopped for a moment and took in the scene before me. The Riva, rather than being filled with the energy and bustle of the previous night, was instead lined with the aftermath – neatly bundled, ready to disappear before the rest of the world wakes up and do it all over again.


I approached one of the Čistoća workers just to say ‘hvala’, because something in me said that this is probably something they are not used to hearing from the public. Yes, I know it is their job and I am sure they are thanked and appreciated by Čistoća. But still, in most every job, we have the opportunity to be thanked for what we do – as a waiter you can receive a tip, a shop assistant you may get praised for your help or pleasant demeanour, I currently have workers in my apartment installing air-conditioning and I have already thanked them for being on time (not so typical in Dalmlatia) and once they finish I will again say hvala for a job well-done.

However, these workers start at 4.30 am every morning to ensure that Split remains the beautiful city that it is (the old town is impeccable, outer-laying areas could still do with some work, but that’s for another day).

Their work is behind the scenes and for the most part, thankless.

I was also inspired by Robyn Vulinovich, who made a post earlier this week thanking Ivo, her resident ‘beach cleaner’ – “This is Ivo, he works so hard everyday keeping our beach, walkways and foreshores clean of litter..left behind by the summer crowds. BRAVO IVO”. My first question to her was – “is it his job, or does he do it for love?” It wasn’t a negative comment, I was just curious to know. Robyn’s response was – “it is his job, but he does so much more.”


ivo 2.jpg

As you can probably tell by now, I am a bit of an emotional creature and am always touched when people do their part to make a difference and those who show appreciation to others – it says a lot about a human.

No one wanted to get their photo taken this morning, so instead this is a big hvala, thank you, to a city full of unsung heroes, who do their part on a day-to-day basis to make a difference – in whatever way that may be.

A small side note: just because people are paid to clean, please be sure to do your part, put your rubbish away, if you see it – pick it up. This space we inhabit is a gift (not a given) and it is up to us to take care of it.


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