What does Zagreb’s Municipal Ordinance Say?

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Whether you live in Zagreb or are just a tourist spending a few days, you should behave yourself in public or you’ll get a ticket.

And there are quite a few offences listed in the Ordinance, and all of the fines are enforced by the Municipal Services Officers. A large fraction of what you can be fined for involves trash and garbage: you will be fined 700 to a thousand kuna for any type of littering on the public areas (including dropping your gum or its wrapper on the floor). The same fine is also applied for messing with the garbage cans or setting them on fire intentionally. But, the City was obviously not satisfied with how its population deals with garbage, so they proposed another set of rules that will impose 3000 kuna fine for not separating your garbage at home, 5000 kuna if your neighbour complains about the odour of your trash and up to 10000 kuna for not having your trash collected regularly.

Back to our good old Ordinance, you will have to pay 2000 kuna if you don’t maintain the outside of the building you own, and 700 to 1000 kuna for installing the lighting or cameras on the outside of it that are not in accordance with the bylaws. You’re allowed to install the cameras to prevent burglaries, but not really to spy on your neighbours (we are not sure how exactly that is determined, but the bylaws probably have all that explained in thorough detail).

You are also not allowed to put barbed wire or spikes on your fence (do people do that, really?), and you have to remove any flagpoles, flags, decorations or lights within 2 days of the event for which they were displayed – we’re just wondering if that also applies to the many Christmas trees still decorated in the city centre although it’s end of January.

If we’re ever that lucky to see a winter again, you have to remove the snow and ice from your sidewalk and around your building, or you can be fined up to 2000 kuna. And if you think spring might bring you some relief from all those fines, an unkempt hedge might also cost you, but a bit less – again, up to 1000 kuna. You are also obliged to maintain any type of yard you have in order, or you are facing another fine.

There are also fines for graffiti, and any type of damage done to any of the monuments might also cost you dearly – 2000 kuna.

Source: Večernji


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