A Simple Question for People in Jelsa, Who Agree with the Criticism of the Tourist Board Director

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I must admit, I was little bit shocked, when the first article about the incompetence of the Jelsa Tourist Board director came out. Not so much because it would not be true, but because it is probably not the best promotion for Jelsa. Writing (in English) about how the tourist board director is not doing his job and that Jelsa has no strategy, branding, not even a summer program published in English is not exactly what will attract people to visit the destination.

But then, I looked at it from a different perspective. From a perspective of a guest deciding about where will he spend his vacation. There was a comment on Facebook below one of the Total Hvar articles on this topic. Someone was saying something about how he are thankful for the information and that he will for sure not visit Jelsa this summer. After Paul replied, that there are quality businesses in Jelsa, that care about their customers and are worth visiting, another reply came in, which was eye-opening to me.

It said something like this: If the local businesses do not care about the incompetence of the tourist board director and do nothing about it, they actually do not care for their customers/guests neither. 

Well, thing about it for a minute. Tourist board is an institution that should represent local businesses with direct and indirect interest in tourism. For Jelsa, that would mean – all businesses. There are very few, if any that are not directly or indirectly connected to tourism to earn their living.

Tourist board is an institution formed to help local businesses in branding, marketing and promoting a destination. It is actually formed for the businesses, to care for common activities that need to be done in order to brand, market and promote a destination the way local businesses desire.


All of them, or the majority should agree on some essential topics related to strategy, long term goals and short term activities to be done. And the tourist board director and the rest of the tourist board staff is there to implement, monitor and inform us about the progress.


I am a stay-at-home mother, so I am no way competent to offer solutions or advice about the tourism related topics in Jelsa. But I do have a strong interest in what will happen to Jelsa, as a destination as I am living here full time, 24/7, whole year with no intentions to leave. I am raising my child here and care deeply about this small community, the local culture and people living here as they are a crucial part of a family life.

As such, I ask you, people in Jelsa, who agree with the criticism of the tourist board director: “Why do you do nothing to change things?”


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