Ever Cycled Through a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

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The nice thing about watching the Hvar tourism calendar over the years is seeing how different festivals become regular features each year. Since I moved to Hvar, some of its more interesting festivals have all started – the lavender festval in Veo Grablje, the dormouse festival in Dol, the eco-ethno festival in Humac, the Escape Community, the Half Marathon and a host of others. 

A great little addition to the September calendar for more athletic types is the annual Biciklom Kroz Bastinu cycling race which is hosted by Stari Grad. Literally translated as Cycling Through Heritage, the annual race takes in the majesty of one of Hvar’s least utilised and most important tourism attractions, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Stari Grad Plain. 

This year’s race takes place tomorrow afternoon – full details in the flyer above and on the event page here

Want to learn more about the Stari Grad Plain? Here is the UNESCO official video.

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