Jelsa Renovation Update and News from Vrboska and Zavala Too

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Jelsa District and the Split-Dalmatia County Port Authority have been working for four years on improving and renovating the interior of Jelsa port, from the Pumpurela jetty to Kanun

Works are divided in three phases, with residents occasionally complaining of the sluggishness of their completion, while District Chief Nikša Peronja ensuring them not to worry, as the town will shine before the first tourism flocks arrive, as Slobodna Dalmacija reported on January 23, 2018.

The completion of this project has already swallowed 24 million kuna, with the majority invested by the Port Authority, the legally responsible for port management. The Croatian government invested the first 5 million, while Jelsa District added another 3.5 million into the paving, gardening and electrification. The first phase, covering the reconstruction of the southern coastline, is in fact completed. The port has a completely new visage in that area, with residents nearby renovating their own buildings for catering and other purposes.

Naturally, the District is profiting as well and it has many more public surfaces to rent out. In view of the second phase, the improvement and extension of the Kanun jetty have been nearly completed, with the catamaran dock set to move there soon. Workers of the Krešo Gabrić construction company are finalizing a sort of fixed pontoon for Jelsa rowing club members, while the beach on the outer side needs to be completed, with paving and gardening works.

“The coastal stretch from the Iga jetty is currently the most underused part of the harbour. Hence the District has prepared the documentation to build a new walking path in that area. We expect some of the works to be done this winter and the rest after the summer. The project is financed by EU funds, with around half a million kuna for the first phase. Still, the largest problem is the third phase in the harbour, the restoration of the old catamaran dock in the centre of town, which collapsed 2 and a half years ago, but after a series of problems with contractors we have agreed with the Port Authority to continue works in a few days and have them completed by Easter,” the Chief has announced.

Recently, the populace was presented with the architectural solutions for the coastal configuration from Veli Most to Mola Bonda (paving, new street lights and gardening, bar terraces and urban equipment). Residents had no major objections, save for a Vrboska resident who concluded it’s all very nice and good, but wondered when the realization of projects announced in the election campaign for his town will begin, with another suggesting Zavala should not be omitted either.

“The main project of the shore renovation we speak of is nearing its end, and I believe we will implement it in the coming two years. The newly renovated Tomo Gamulin Square is due to receive a new fountain by June, while the town café on the ground level of the District House has finally, after 27 years, found an investor, so its opening is expected by May 15 of this year. The District will co-finance 30 percent of the renovation costs of seven facades on seafront buildings, so I am convinced Jelsa will greet its guests this summer in a completely new outfit,” Peronja said.

The balanced development of other settlements in the Jelsa District is also heeded. Vrboska hasn’t see this much investment in a long time (new seafront, paving, gardening, street lights, promenade to the hotel village and on to Solin, road paving…), with the local cemetery soon to be expanded. The first bridge project is soon to be completed, so the construction permit will soon be in procedure. The District budget has funds allocated for the demolition of the old and construction of a new bridge, with the County’s aid requested for the 2 million kuna cost. Works might begin in February are after the tourism season at the latest.

The Zavala port, after the original project and environmental impact study, is in the main project phase. It is expected to be complete by Easter, when the construction permit will be requested with the aid of the Port Authority. This aid will also be necessary to finalize the financial construction, as the works are valued at 15 million kuna. The young Chief believes construction will begin in his current mandate, so the residents of Zavala will be more satisfied with quality infrastructure, as a main precondition for faster economic progress.

Translated from Slobodna Dalmacija.


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