Hvar’s Croatian Island Product Winners: PZ Svirče

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The Svirče Cooperative has borne the Croatian Island Product label on several wines since the first year, and the stunning Pošip De Luxe was added this year. Try it while you can …

I was very fortunate to have been invited to visit the Svirče Cooperative by Dušan Jelić of Wines of Balkans earlier this year. Not only was it a fascinating tour, but it was an education to taste the wines in the company of such a regional expert. 

I particularly enjoyed the expression on his face as we tasted both the young 2012 Pošip De Luxe and the bottled 2010 version. It is an absolute stunner, and the only bad news is that only 5,000 bottles a year are produced. I was not surprised to see it included in this year’s Croatian Island Products. PZ Svirče has been well represented since 2007. According to the official handbook…

pošip de luxe quality wine

Pošip de luxe, a quality wine of the grape variety with the same name, comes from Svirče on the Island of Hvar and its famous wine-cellar. It is grown on the south slopes of the Island of Hvar. The wine has a characteristic bouquet, golden-yellow colour and rich aroma, which have won over the senses of topnotch tasters and connoisseurs of distinctive wines.

for – dessert wine / pošip – quality semi – dry white wine

The tradition of dessert wine production is almost as long as the one of wine production. During the dry and warm autumns people harvested grapes on the steep and sunny slopes. Such grapes have had high sugar content and were ideal for dessert wine production. Nowadays the tradition continues.

The wines are still produced from dried grapes using traditional technology with no additives added. The prolongation of ripening enhances quality of dessert wines. For or vinum sanctum − as called by the ancient Romans – seduces with its alluring flavour.

Pošip is a wine made from the autochthonous grape sort which contains 12% of alcohol. It has golden and yellow colour, specific bouquet and rich aroma. It is produced in limited quantities mostly from grapes growing in the southern beaches of the Island of Hvar.

mediterano top – quality red wine / plavac barique quality red wine / opolo quality dry rose wine / svirce, bogdanuša quality white wines

Mediterano is a top – quality wine (13 – 14% alcohol) produced from the Plavac Mali variety cultivated on northern slopes of the Island of Hvar by using a special technology in order to obtain a full and ripe bouquet.

Plavac barique (approx. 13% alcohol) is also produced from the Plavac Mali variety, it has a dark ruby red colour, pleasant and drinkable taste and a characteristic smell.

Opolo is produced from the Plavac Mali variety cultivated on light sandy soil at higher altitudes of the Island of Hvar, which gives it a bright pink colour.

Svirče (11.5% alcohol) is produced from mixed varieties, mostly Bogdanuša, but also including Trebljan and other local varieties. It has a light yellow colour, a characteristic aroma and taste.

Bogdanuša is a wine produced from the same – named autochthonous grape variety on the Island of Hvar, it has a bright golden – yellow colour and a characteristic taste. A legend says that this variety was God – given, hence the name Bogdanuša (God – Bog, given – dan).

superior quality wine, barrique, archive wine ivan dolac / plavac hvar quality wine

ivan dolac is a top quality red wine made from the indigenous Dalmatian Plavac Mali grape variety which grows on the southern but unwelcoming slopes of the Island of Hvar. This noble wine has a dark ruby red colour and characteristic varietal aroma and flavour.

ivan dolac barrique is one of the best of Croatian red wines. It is produced from the indigenous Dalmatian Plavac Mali grape variety, and the grapes have been carefully selected by our top wine experts. After using the classic method of fermentation, the wine is allowed to mature for a year and a half in small oak barrels, and for another year after bottling.

ivan dolac 1900 is an archive red wine produced from the indigenous Plavac Mali grape variety grown on the steep and unwelcoming southern slopes of the Island of Hvar. After 1990, which proved to be an exceptionally successful year for winemakers, Ivan Dolac is allowed to mature for several years. It is the ageing process that brings out its unique character that we today so greatly enjoy.

plavac hvar is a quality wine of controlled origin. It is made from the indigenous Dalmatian plavac mali grape variety which grows on the limited cultivation area of the Island of Hvar. This wine has a dark ruby red colour, characteristic aroma and full and harmonious flavour.

the svirče agricultural cooperative

Svirče bb, 21462 Vrbanj, otok Hvar
[email protected] – com.hr
www.pz – svirce.hr
+385 21 768 380
+385 91 176 83 80 | Andrija Carić


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