Where to Find Local Products on Hvar? Visit Greenhouse!!

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Hvar island is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. No doubt.

I believe it is not only because of the mild climate and beautiful clear blue see and unique beaches, but because of so many attractions that can´t be named at this simple blog post. But, nevertheless, Hvar has something for everybody, whether you are looking for soaking in the sun on the beach or investigating Hvar´s rich cultural heritage or unique religion traditions, Hvar has it all.

Some of the potentially great aspects of Hvar island have not yet been fully discovered. One of those is the potential of growing organic food and herbs for local use and for use in tourism. There are several private initiatives among Hvar restaurants to grow organic food to be used in their kitchens and for a start, that is great. Eventually, I am sure, there will be more and more as that is what people are after these days. Healthy life style and healthy organic food.

I am sure that most tourists and visitors of the island are looking for authentic products to experience Hvar via the local goodies prepared the good-old way and are interested in local, hand made souvenirs, rather than the imported stuff, which is being sold on every corner. So if you are one of those tourists, head to Greenhouse in Hvar.

They not only focus on organic food and are using only local organic food to prepare those delicious smoothies, they have several local brands of cosmetics, essential oils, marmalade, candy and even upcycled products, like plastic bags turned into amazing hand bags or old magazines reused into handy little containers.


You can find the all natural Hvar brand Devotion at Greenhouse. Pure natural ingredients, no chemicals, water, artificial colours, artificial aromas and artificial preservatives. As Devotion puts it:

“The Sun is the fairest giver – it equally spreads its light, warmth and beauty. Though, its gifts are not equally received. Those who accept them with love and gratitude, also make precious gifts with the help of the Sun on their own, which bring joy and happiness to all people of good will. As evident from their names, the Sun and Hvar have a special friendly relationship. The root of the word Pharos (Pharia, Hvar and For) also means light. The friendly bonds between the Sun and Hvar bear unique fruits. Among them, the plants bringing the gifts to the Sun and people, as are the colours or their flowers, their scents, and mysterious ingredients with health and beauty effects, stand out. In particular, immortelle and lavender hold a very special place. Golden yellow flowers of immortelle and heavenly blue flowers of lavender reach the heart and soul of anyone passing by. If we salve the mysterious healthy ingredients of these beautiful flowers gently into our skin, they give us health and beauty. Considering that the God of Sun Helios, is not just the God of Light, but also of Harmony and Beauty, this is completely natural and understandable. Therefore, there is no need to particularly emphasise that the Devotion may only be received with honesty, love and gratitude – as are the gifts of the Sun received by immortelle and lavender.”


Something sweet from the local Zadruga Faria – Figolini, Arancini and Karobeli, prepared according to old recipes with love by the beautiful ladies from Jelsa.

And those essential oils from Zastražišće are just out of this world!! There is only a very small quantity available, as Greenhouse has managed to convince the small producer of rosemary and sage oils (among others) to supply them.

Visit Greenhouse in Hvar, or e-mail them ([email protected]) to receive their weekly mailing list and get your products delivered!! Great service from these friendly people living what they love.


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