Fort Nutjak, Trilj Sights

Daniela Rogulj

The Nutjak fort is located 3 km downstream from Trilj, on the right bank of the river Cetina. It was built on a cliff overlooking the river, not far from where the Cetina leaves Sinjsko polje, and continues its winding path through the canyon to its confluence in Omis.

At the end of the 15th century, the duke of Poljica, Zarko Drazojevic, initiated the construction to strengthen the northern border of Poljica against the Turks. Zarko Drazojevic proved himself as one of the most prominent Croatian leaders in the battle against the Ottomans. He died in 1508 and was buried at the cathedral. Nutjak was conquered around 1513, at the same time the nearby fort Cacvina was lost. According to the Treaty of Karlowitz in 1699, Nutjak was assigned to Venice and the opposite shore of the Cetina, together with the Cacvina fort, and remained under Turkish rule. Nutjak soon lost its strategic importance because a small Venetian fort, the so-called Guardia, was erected on Gardun (the site of Strazbenica near the church of St Peter), from where the Venetians could monitor the nearby Turkish territory, as well as the crossing over the river Cetina in Trilj.

The fortress is dominated by a large circular tower, while the terraces south of the tower are the remains of the walls of other defensive or housing buildings.

Archaeological material from earlier periods was also found at the same site, so it can be assumed that the tower Nutjak was built on a prehistoric site.

Source: TZ Trilj

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