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Dubrovnik offers its visitors many restaurant, bistro, fast-food and pizza options, from Michelin-starred to budget.

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Where to eat in Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik Restaurants

The healthy Mediterranean diet forms the base of Dubrovnik cuisine. Therefore, the city’s dining scene has no shortage of freshness and quality. International foodies are now discovering what is on offer. Many Dubrovnik restaurants are Michelin-recommended.


Top 5 Recommended Restaurants

Cilantro Restaurant at Sun Gardens Resort

Inspired by a desire to explore the Mediterranean region, award winning Cilantro restaurant is a dining gem that you mustn’t miss. Situated a short drive outside of Dubrovnik, Cilantro provides a perfect setting for a light lunch or a quiet romantic dinner with breath-taking sea views. Restaurant’s open kitchen is nothing short of spectacular. Locally sourced ingredients bursting with flavour and modern culinary techniques make Cilantro the perfect choice for discerning diners. Experience authentic dishes full of mouth-watering aromas in chic surroundings.

Find out more on Sun Garden’s webpage.


The first (and so far, the only) Michelin star restaurant in Dubrovnik, 360 is a must-visit place for all the fine dining connoisseurs. Its modern culinary creations are beautifully presented. The atmosphere and the setting are amazing with wonderful views to the Old Town Port. Aside from top quality food, the restaurant also boasts one of the most impressive wine cellars in the country. Needless to say, 360 is one of the two most expensive restaurants in Dubrovnik, but it does offer more than just a casual dining experience. Reserve well in advance.


Located just a stone’s throw away from the busiest parts of the historical centre, Kopun Restaurant offer many dishes inspired by the traditional cuisine of Dubrovnik region and the rest of Croatia. Their efforts to breathe in new life to the traditional cuisine made them popular with locals as well, which is something not many restaurants in the Old Town can say. It is a higher-mid range priced restaurant with great service and beautiful atmosphere of Ruder Boskovic Square.


Pantarul is located in Lapad area of Dubrovnik. It is constantly rated as one of the best restaurants in Dubrovnik and for a reason. The menu is imaginative and it changes seasonally. It mainly features locally inspired dishes with a bit of an international twist. The emphasis in Pantarul is on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Great food and friendly service will make youw ant to come back to this one.


Nautika is nothing short of a Dubrovnik institution. It is a restaurant of long and glorious history and has always stood as the city’s symbol for upscale dining. It is a traditionally inspired restaurant offering some classics as well as some modern additions to their menu. Impressive wine list and excellent service are also a given whenever you visit Nautika. It is located just outside of Pile Gates, on Brsalje Square. The view from the terrace is towards Lovrjenac Fortress.

Top 5 Restaurants and Eateries on a Budget in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Stradun Street
Bistro 49

Located close to Gruz Hardour area, Bistro 49 offers a mix of traditional food and modern international favourites. It is close to the cruise ship port and the main bus station, in the district of Kantafig. It is known for great burgers, good pizza and nice selection of craft beer. During the day it is popular for younger visitors, while in the evening it makes for a good option for dinner with friends.

Lucin Kantun

Close to Dubrovnik’s main street, Lucin Kantun (Lucy’s Corner) is a charming place offering locally inspired food with strong emphasis on imaginative appetizers. The interior of the restaurant is reminiscent of kitchen and dining room area of a private home. Tables are tiny, but they suit the décor very well. This restaurant is a perfect choice for couples.

Konoba Tabak

Let’s go really local. Konoba Tabak is located in the middle of Dubrovnik’s modest business district in Gruz. It is a low key local bistro offering daily working lunches and a menu of simple dishes comprised mainly of locally sourced ingredients. Don’t expect luxury or service fitting of a five star hotel when visiting Tabak. What you will get is a simple local dining experience with lower prices than you’ll find in most other places in Dubrovnik.

Buffet Kamenice

Kamenice are a strange restaurant, but one that is impossible to omit when talking about Dubrovnik’s dining scene. This small eatery has stood the test of time and often feels frozen in time. It is known for simple seafood and serves amazing oysters by which it got its name. It is immensely popular regardless of its 1980’s feel and look. Oysters and fish are recommended in Kamenice, but what ever you order, it will be served by efficient and pleasant staff. Kamenice is located on Gundulic Square, one of the most popular local squares in the Old Town.

Konoba Lokanda

You can find Lokanda in the Old Town Port. It is a seafood eatery with a laid back feel. Lokanda features beautiful views over the port and serves rustic local food. It is a big place so the intimate feel of a small local bistro is not there, but the food is delicious and a good representation of some of the local classics. Unlike many places on this list Lokanda is good even for larger groups.

Top 5 Pizzerias in Dubrovnik

Pizzas are the essential fast food in Dubrovnik. It is hard to imagine a bigger crowd pleaser that a steaming hot pizza. Dubrovnik locals dine in pizzerias way more frequently than any other type of restaurant. So, you can be certain there is quite a selection when it comes to pizza places. These five spots are our favourites.


Husband and wife duo run Castro with a passion you can taste in all their pizzas. Located on already mentioned Gundulic Square, Castro is a place for creative pizzas made with care. The service is great and the setting is very local. Reservations are not a bad idea as Castro is very busy during the summer and is also popular with both tourists and locals alike.

Trattoria Sunset Beach

Trattoria Sunset is a part of Sunset Beach in Uvala Lapad. It makes amazing pizzas and its location is perfect for families with children as well as anyone wishing to grab a quick bite after the beach. Aside from pizzas the restaurant offers a selection of food with a heavy Italian influence. While the other dishes are very good as well, it would be a shame to visit Trattoria Sunset Beach and miss out on their pizza.

Tabasco Pizzeria

Tabasco is a local favourite. For years this pizzeria has been synonymous with local house parties and ordering food on a lazy Sunday. It offers a selection of pizzas made with delicious thick crusts. Their pizzas are huge and reasonably prices. Located just outside of the walled city, under the cable car station, Tabasco offers pleasant shaded terrace, perfect for escaping the crowds and the heat.

Tutto Bene

Tutto Bene offers great pizza. They are however more than just a pizza place serving chicken wings, hamburgers and even kebabs. They have three locations, one in the historical centre which is a simple fast food place and two larger restaurants that offer full table service. One of these is in Uvala Lapad, while the other is outside of the city, in Zupa Dubrovacka area. Tutto Bene is a fun place with plenty of choices mainly revolving around fast food. Their pizza, however, should be your number one choice when visiting.


Olive is within the Old Town, in a corner behind Church of St. Blaise. It is a popular stop for many Dubrovnik visitors. While most of the other pizzerias on this list offer delivery or take away options, Oliva features a Pizza Cut outlet window which makes it very popular for grabbing a bite on the go. With plenty different pizzas to choose from, large pizza size and friendly service, Oliva is a great option when in the Old Town.

International Cuisine in Dubrovnik

International cuisine in Dubrovnik might be gaining in popularity, but is still largely underrepresented. Items on local menus that come from Italian, Spanish or Austro-Hungarian historical influence have long been a part of the city’s cuisine and locals rarely consider them foreign. Apple strudel for example is one of the most common and favourite local desserts. There is, however, a growing appetite for international cuisine among the locals.


This can be seen in immense popularity of Shizuku Japanese Restaurant which recently changed to Trinity, an Asian food restaurant. Trinity boasts a good selection of delicious dishes made with care and attention. Reasonably priced, this restaurant always ranks among the best value-for-money restaurants in Dubrovnik. Interestingly, Trinity boasts one of the most interesting wine lists in the city with the prices extremely reasonable.


If you are looking for international cuisine in the Old Town, look no further than Azur. Azur is a breath of fresh air within the City Walls of Dubrovnik. It is an Asian fusion restaurant among the sea of Mediterranean cuisine places. Two brothers with plenty of professional experience gathered around Asia own and operate Azur. Their passion and creativity is translated onto the menu that changes frequently. The restaurant is located in a small side street going from behind Dubrovnik’s Cathedral to one of the Buza Bars you can read about in our bar section.

More International Cuisine Options

Along with Azur, Bota Oyster and Sushi Bar is another restaurant within the city walls specialising in Asian cuisine, namely sushi, sashimi and similar Japanese dishes. Just outside of the walls is Takenoko, a Dubrovnik branch of the finest Japanese restaurant in Zagreb. Taj Mahal is interestingly not an Indian cuisine restaurant, but a Bosnian restaurant that is well worth visiting. Mexican food has been creeping into the menus of local restaurants for years, but we are still to see a serious Mexican restaurant in Dubrovnik. Out of all the options, Chihuahua in Uvala Lapad is well worth visiting if you are in the mood for Mexican style cuisine

Dubrovnik Fast Food and Street Food

Aside from already mentioned pizza, Dubrovnik’s fast and street food options have traditionally been found in city’s bakeries. Dubrovnik’s bakeries bake delicious fresh bread. Daily bread is one of the most traditional food items bought by Dubrovnik inhabitants. Bakeries is where you often find burek – the king of Balkan fast food. Burek is a Bosnian dish of Turkish origins. It is baked thin flaky dough stuffed with either meat, cheese, cheese and spinach or potatoes. Majority of Dubrovnik’s bakeries will have it and it will be delicious when fresh. 

Local fast food shops will have hamburgers – that have been gaining in popularity in the last ten years – tortillas or more traditionally chicken breast sandwiches. Cevapi, another Bosnian dish, are less and less sold as street food and more as a restaurant dish. Fast Food Barba in the historical centre is dedicated to selling seafood based fast food and it definitely worth a visit. Other than it, surprisingly, there is hardly any seafood options when it comes to street food scene of Dubrovnik.

Vegetarian and Vegan Dubrovnik

Traditional cuisine of the area might have had nice vegetable based dishes in its offer, but locals would rarely have a meal without a piece of fish or a piece of meat. Because of this, it has been an uphill struggle for local vegetarians and especially vegans to try and find enough dining options for themselves. Vegan travellers to Dubrovnik get to experience this lack of offer as well. Two dedicated vegan restaurants in Dubrovnik are Nishta on Prijeko Street in the Old Town and Urban & Veggie in Gruz Harbour. Both are great places owned by passionate individuals. However, they are not enough to satisfy the ever rising demand. When looking for vegan and vegetarian food in Dubrovnik, aside from the two mentioned places, look for restaurants that have vegan options extending beyond grilled vegetable platters.

Dubrovnik Bars and Cafés

Dubrovnik people love their coffee and they never take it to go. Coffee drinking and lounging on open terraces of bars and cafés is easily the most beloved pastime in the city. With pleasant weather, clean air and beautiful views it is no wonder there are cafés where ever you look in Dubrovnik.

Maraska Bar at Sun Gardens Resort

Sun Gardens Resort, just outside of Dubrovnik is a perfect getaway spot. It features a number of restaurants and bars, with the special mention going to Maraska Lounge Bar. This lounge bar is popular for its modern ambiance, signature cocktails and spectacular views over the sea and the Elaphite islands. Choose from an irresistible selection of drinks, including signature cocktails, wine by the glass and best malt whiskeys. Visiting during the day? Let their skilled baristas make you a perfect cup of coffee as you relax and surrender to the warm Mediterranean sun.

Check out their website for additional information.

Top 5 Bars and Cafés to Be Seen in

Sometimes it’s all about the service, sometimes about the quality, but sometimes it’s all about being seen.

Gradska Kavana

Gradska Kavana (City Café) is a traditional coffee spot on the main square in the Old Town area – Luza Square. It is not a place you come into straight from the beach or from your morning jog. Rather, it is a place where quality service and good coffee are just as important as people watching and being seen.

La Bodega

Very different place than Gradska Kavana, but on the same square. La Bodega is a nice café, but gets more of a reputation as a night spot. During the summer it draws in crowds of people and is slowly but surely being promoted into a party spot.

Whats Up

Vojnovic Street, half way between the historical centre and Uvala Lapad is known for being home to numerous cafes. Several of them might make this list, but we have decided to include Whats Up. It’s a café and bar with terrace facing the street. This is key on Vojnovic as the hottest cars and motorcycles in Dubrovnik are regularly paraded here for the viewing enjoyment of the cafés’ patrons.


Across from Rector’s Palace in the Old Town, NoneNina is a cocktail bar and a café. Its location and design make it perfect for attracting views of the passers-by. Combine this with good coffee and a large cocktail list and you have a recipe for a perfect spot to be seen in. Sipping on a colourful cocktail in front of a UNESCO protected monument dressed in your best clothes is a summer’s dream for many.

SNEK by coNGo

It is not by accident that three of the five places on this list are on the same square. Luza Square was the epicentre of social life of Dubrovnik for centuries. Today, many will get most of their coffees elsewhere, but when local people go into the historical centre for their caffeine fix, they want to be seen and they want to see others. SNEK by coNGo is a new (silly) name for a traditional Dubrovnik hangout spot. With its new décor and tables right on the main street, you are guaranteed attention while sitting here. The coffee is also very good.

Top 5 Most Instagramable Cafés in Dubrovnik

With the views that Dubrovnik offers, it is clear this section will be less about cafés that are instagramable themselves and more about cafés which are on great locations and offer wonderful views. There are plenty of well-designed cafés in the city, but vast majority of their guests will hardly ever see their interior. Dubrovnik is the real star of this story and it has always been.


Panorama café and restaurant on top of Mount Srd is easily one of the most attractive places in Dubrovnik. With incredible views over historical centre of Dubrovnik, visiting Panorama without taking some photos would be silly.

Cave Bar
Hotel More

Nestled in the 5-star boutique hotel More, this popular bar is an actual cave. It was discovered during the hotel’s construction. Extending over three levels, it’s a unique bar in Lapad peninsula. It accommodates up to 60 guests and offers a wide choice of alcoholic and soft drinks, teas, coffees and snacks. An elevator takes you from the hotel to the bar. Alternatively, just use the stairs through the tunnel. Once inside, you’ll enjoy extraordinary uninterrupted views of Lapad bay.

City Walls Cafés

There are three cafés on the City Walls of Dubrovnik with the one on Mrtvo Zvono Square being our favourite. However, all three offer amazing vistas either over the city’s rooftops or towards the sea. City Walls visits are all about history and travelling back through time, but a cup of coffee or an ice cold beer with amazing views should always be an option.

Buza Bars

Buza Bars are two bars on the cliffs outside of the city walls. They get their name from local word “Buza” which means hole in the wall. This name is very apt here as you literally have to go through the hole in the City Walls of Dubrovnik to get to them. Buza Bars are not just bars, but are also popular swimming spots for locals and visitors.

Dubravka 1836

It is too easy to find a café terrace from which to take a great photograph. This list could have been filled up solely with cafés within the walls or by the sea. However, we have decided to include Dubravka 1836 instead. This popular café with a long tradition is located on Brsalje Square, outside of Pile Gate. Its terrace is facing the north-western corner of the City Walls dominated by Bokar Fortress. Across the little bay from it is Fortress Lovrjenac perched on top of a cliff. The scene is reminiscent of a fantasy movie and begs to be photographed while enjoying your Dubrovnik coffee.  

Dubrovnik Night Life

Dubrovnik is not known for crazy night life, but during the summer there are plenty of night spots frequented by locals and visitors. The most important club in Dubrovnik is Revelin Culture Club, listed on Top Dj Mag’s Top 100 clubs in the World. It is located within the historical Revelin Fortress and is known to host some of the best DJs out there. Elsewhere within the historical centre night life is concentrated around the main street and little side streets where many small bars operate. Buniceva Poljana is a place populated with a few night spots including Micro, Poco Loco and Trubadur Jazz Bar (which might be closed through 2021).

In Gruz Harbor new hotspots are Dubrovnik Beer Company and Love Bar. Dubrovnik Beer Company is a local craft brewery and a bar. Its industrial design and numerous events popular with locals are making it into a preferred night spot for many. Love Bar is a terrace bar with regular live music or DJ performances.

Interestingly, Belfast Pub, which is mainly a sports bar during the day, is turning into a happening night spot. It is becoming very popular with Dubrovnik locals especially on Fridays and Saturdays.


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