Connecting Hvar and Norway: Meet the Other Jelsa

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An interesting email from a school in a village called Jelsa. In Norway. Who is interested in starting a grassroots ...

Our Most Exciting Discovery on Hvar This Year

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I have walked past the wall countless times in the last ten years and never known what was on the ...

A Hvar Souvenir with 800 Years of Tradition

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Looking for a traditional souvenir from the island of Hvar? Try Starigrojski Paprenjok – 800 years of Hvar tradition. 

Hvar Beach of the Week: 4. Lučišća

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Continuing our look at the beaches of Hvar through pictures, today we visit the delightful little beach at Lučišća. 

A Fabulous Discovery at the Back of Old Town Vrboska

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There are so many new things of interest on Hvar that I am discovering, and I am excited about promoting ...

Hvar Beach of the Week: 3. Dubovica

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Continuing our look at some of the best beaches on Hvar in pictures, today we head to the south side ...

Hvar Beach of the Week: 2. Soline, Vrboska

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Continuing our series looking at some of the beaches of Hvar in pictures, this week we travel through the pine ...

Cross-bearer's socks

Pitve’s all-night Procession 2012

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An excellent insight into the Easter Procession in Pitve from Vivian Grisogono.

Hvar Recipes: Bakalar for Christmas and Easter

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Looking to get into the festive Easter spirit with a typical Hvar dish? Why not try some bakalar on Good ...

Largest island vineyard in the Mediterranean

Where is the Largest Island Vineyard in the Mediterranean?

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Just when you thought you knew everything about Hvar, along comes the largest island vineyard in the Mediterranean, 4.5km long. ...