Benedictine Convent and Lace Making

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A quick look inside one of Hvar’s least visited attraction: the Benedictine Convent, home to UNESCO lace.

Franciscan Monastery

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Walking along the riva past Carpe Diem, the Franciscan Monastery comes into view. Built in 1461, it was jointly financed ...

Five Things You Never Knew About Hvar

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There is lots of information available about Hvar, and much knowledge.  But did you know…

Vivian Grisogono


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Hvar Airport

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With its growing reputation as a luxury island and billed at the new St. Tropez, high end tourists are often ...

Old Road from Hvar to Stari Grad

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One of the best road trips in Europe, combining stunning nature and sea views, history and a challenging drive that ...