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A guide to the Makarska Riviera town of Tučepi. Its great beaches and superb restaurants make it one of the best choices for holidays on this stretch of the Dalmatia coast.


As much as the whole of the Makarska Riviera is famous for beaches, Tučepi stands out. Its long stretch of more-or-less straight coast welcomes and accommodates many. However, Tučepi beaches are not all the small town is famous for. As a matter of fact, Tučepi has carved itself quite the name for its food. Restaurants with sea views, taverns with terraces, there’s lots of choice for the seafood lover. Furthermore, it feels like many eateries here make an extra effort. Could that be in response to having the region’s only Michelin-recommended restaurant, Jeny, in town?

St George's chapel in Tučepi
St George’s chapel in Tučepi.

Furthermore, Tučepi has a strong reputation for sporadic music events, a few great examples of historical architectural heritage and a connection to nature. Indeed, it sits right below Biokovo mountain and its Nature Park. Tučepi holidays are typically family-friendly with lots of activities available in and around the beach. Furthermore, the sunsets from the beaches and terraces are special, in sight of the mighty mountain and the islands of Hvar and Brač.

What to do? Best things to do in Tučepi

Fun on the Adriatic © Tourist Board of Tučepi
Fun on the Adriatic © Tourist Board of Tučepi

Of course, Tučepi’s greatest asset is its several kilometres of pristine shoreline. Therefore, perhaps overall the best thing to do in Tučepi is go to the beach. But, we don’t really have to tell you that, do we? After all, it’s doubtless one of the main reasons you’re here. Accordingly, we added a full and comprehensive guide to beaches in Tučepi, just below this section.

Fly above the waves, parasailing

Madori parasailing, watersports and boat hire in Tučepi
Madori parasailing, watersports and boat hire in Tučepi.

The beach and town look totally different from the air. Minutes feel like hours as you ascend, the sounds of the beach fading away. Suspended in the air and fly free, you’ll not want to come back down. Find the parasailing guys on the beach or speak to the Madori guys at Dračevice 46.

Delve into the deepest blue and go diving

Butterfly Diving Tučepi
Butterfly Diving Tučepi

You don’t have to be an expert to explore the deep in Tučepi. Butterfly Watersports and Diving Tučepi at Kraj 83 do courses, snorkelling and day trips by boat. Therefore, they’re used to catering for both beginners and the more experienced. Moreover, they’ll open up for group bookings out of season, if you first call.

Sail over canyons and treetops on Tučepi zipline

The good folks of JK Sv. Ante Sailing Club in Tučepi, trying out the Tučepi zip line.
The good folks of JK Sv. Ante Sailing Club in Tučepi, trying out the Tučepi zip line.

Sitting in the tree-filled foothills of the great Biokovo, zip line Tučepi is a thrilling way to get up close to the landscape. Specifically, you’ll fly over treetops and a deep canyon on the popular attraction.

Go sailing or explore the shore by kayak, canoe or boat

JK Sv. Ante Sailing Club of Tučepi
JK Sv. Ante Sailing Club of Tučepi

The shoreline around Tučepi is brilliant to explore. Hidden coves and small, difficult-to-reach beaches reveal themselves when you pass by kayak or boat. In fact, just north of Tučepi, the first three beaches you reach are either difficult to reach or inaccessible other than by boat. Go find them!

Sailing, kayak, canoe

There are a good range of options for kayak, canoe and boat hire in Tučepi. Furthermore, the village has its own sailing club, JK Sv. Ante Sailing Club, and they have brilliant, tiny sailing ships in which they coach the youngest how to harness the wind.

Taking in the surroundings from the sea is special here. On the one hand, a great expanse of blue and islands Hvar and Brac, on the other, the beaches, pine trees and beyond the great Biokovo mountain. Stop somewhere for a picnic. Or, just jump overboard and swim at a spot you like. Wear sunblock and a hat if going in high temperatures. The sun is relentless and there’s no shade on the open Adriatic. Or, choose a nighttime tour. You can do that here too.

Canoe and kayak on the Adriatic
Canoe and kayak on the Adriatic

Don’t miss nature and hiking in Biokovo Nature Park and views from Biokovo Skywalk and Biokovo Mountain

Biokovo Nature Park, Biokovo Mountain as seen from upper Tučepi.
Biokovo Mountain as seen from upper Tučepi. © Alan Čaplar / Croatian National Tourist Board.

Biokovo mountain is inescapable. In fact, at 36 kilometers in length, it dominates the skyline of this part of Dalmatia entirely. Different from how it looks from the beach, the hinterland side holds more vegetation, more colours. In particular, as a backdrop for peaceful morning coffee on the terrace, the view is simply jawdropping.

Nature Park
Biokovo Nature Park from the peninsula of St. Peter (Makarska)..
Biokovo from the peninsula of St. Peter (Makarska). © Gambitek.

The whole mountain area – almost 200  km² – is a Nature Park. Rare flora live here. And, so too do weasels, martens, horned owls, greyish eagles, serpent eagles, chamois and mouflon. The flora and fauna reveal themselves best while walking or hiking the mountain. Or on a guided tour. Although, you can visit the summit by car if you don’t fancy the walk.

At 1422 meters, Vošac is the highest point. Its views are some of Croatia’s best. In fact, Makarska and Tučepi look tiny below you. Across the shimmering expanse of blue, the island of Brač. And, behind it, Hvar. Read more about the epic Biokovo mountain and the Biokovo Nature Park in our guide.

Tučepi beaches

One of the Tučepi beaches © Tourist Board of Tučepi
One of the Tučepi beaches. © Tourist Board of Tučepi.

Deservedly, this village is famous for its beaches. Want to find the perfect Tučepi beach for you? Just walk along the coast and find your spot. Aside from the village centre, you can walk the entire length of Tučepi along the beach or the designated path immediately behind. All of the waters are crystal clear. Furthermore, the beaches are especially nice to stroll down as the sun wanes. Tučepi sunsets are some of the best.

Jadran beach
Jadran beach in Tučepi © Vice Rudan / Makarska Riviera beaches
Jadran beach in Tučepi. © Vice Rudan of Vice Rudan Photography.

The northernmost beach in Tučepi, this one sits directly in front of the Jadran hotel. The absence of other options here perhaps make it feel a little like a private beach solely for hotel guests, but it’s not. The westernmost section is covered by pines under which anyone can shade. Tucked in the trees is a good bistro.

Lučica beach, Dračevice beach, Slatina beach
Slatina beach in Tučepi © Silverije
Slatina beach in Tučepi © Silverije

A very long stretch of beautiful beach running northwards immediately from the centre. Popular, easy to access and with good facilities like showers, changing and toilets, Lučica beach and Slatina beach kind of melt into each other. It’s Lučica un to the large concrete observation deck towards the end of Donji ratac. Thereafter, you pass the two large Bluesun complexes on a section sometimes called Dračevice. After they finish, you’re on Slatina beach. Lučica has some sections without pine cover but is overflowing with good bar and food options close by. Slatina has good restaurants, fast food and bars at the back too. Just walk along this beautiful long stretch of shoreline on the path and find the spot for you.

Kamena beach
Kamena beach in Tučepi © Vice Rudan / Makarska Riviera beaches
Kamena beach in Tučepi © Vice Rudan of Vice Rudan Photography.

Popular with families, Kamena has showers, toilets and, at very close hand, inexpensive food options and bars. A short fully-paved walk from the nearby Tučepi centre, several accommodation options actually overlook it. Accessible but still with very clear waters.

Dračevac beach
Dračevac beach in Tučepi © Vice Rudan / Makarska Riviera beaches.
Dračevac beach in Tučepi. © Vice Rudan of Vice Rudan Photography.

The southernmost beach before Podgora, you’re well placed to walk to Dračevac if staying in Tučepi. As a matter of fact, walking is best because parking nearby is an issue. The pebble beach is peaceful, quiet, serviced by a small cafe bar and backed by shading pines. On one side of the beach, families enjoy shallow, clear waters, while on the other a small section devoted to naturalists.

Where to stay in Tučepi? Tučepi hotels, accommodation, property

Tučepi hotels

Some of the top-rated hotels in Dalmatia can be found on the Makarska Riviera. On balance, if you’re looking for a 5-star hotel in Croatia or a 4-star hotel option, the Makarska Riviera is one of the best mainland coastal choices. Furthermore, Tučepi has its fair share of them.

Running north to south, there are the 5-star Jadran, Hotel Tamaris and the Hotel Neptun. Afterward, the 4-star Alga and its neigbouring holiday village. There are several more besides. Check out the usual booking platforms and don’t forget to look at a few Tučepi reviews online for each.

Villas and apartments

There are a wealth of choices if you’re looking to rent an apartment in Tučepi. Looking instead for a Tučepi villa? Or a Tučepi holiday home? No problem. There is accommodation in Tučepi to suit every need and price range. Check out what’s available on the usual booking platforms.

Tučepi real estate: houses for sale

Fallen in love with Tučepi? We don’t blame you. But, if that love extends to you wanting to buy a house in Tučepi, where to look? Actually, there don’t appear to be any real estate brokers in Tučepi. However, there are many in Makarska. It’s just a few minutes walk and you can stroll between them looking at pictures of your dream holiday home. However, to buy a house in Tučepi is such a recognised desire, you’ll doubtless find some properties and plots on the books of estate agents in Split.


Medora Orbis Camping & Glamping in Podgora, near Tučepi.
Medora Orbis Camping & Glamping in Podgora, near Tučepi.

Evidently, there aren’t any campsites in Tučepi itself. But, you do have some close by in Podgora, Makarska and Baška Voda.

Camp in Podgora

Medora Orbis Camping & Glamping in Podgora, near Tučepi have glamping options unrecognisable from a rain-soaked tent in Scotland. Accordingly, this fancy beachside stay is not a budget one.

Camp in Makarska

There’s a large area devoted to camping, just north of Ratac in Makarska. Furthermore, it offers the full range. Not only are there nice huts and places for the camper, but also spots to pitch your tent.

Camping in Baška Voda

You’ve got two campsite options in Baška Voda. In the first place and closest to town there’s Baško Polje. Notably, it has lots of little wooden camping huts, nestled in the shade of a pine forest next to the beach. After that, and a little further south, Camping Krvavica has a brilliant terrace, garden and other facilities for guests. Both accommodate mobile homes. Moreover, both are fantastic.

Where to eat in Tučepi? Tučepi restaurant and tavern options

Fresh orada (sea bream), grilling by an open fire in a Tučepi restaurant. © Tourist Board of Tučepi
Fresh orada (sea bream), grilling by an open fire in a Tučepi restaurant. © Tourist Board of Tučepi.

Whether you’re after some rustic, traditional cooking, fast food, superbly fresh seafood or fine dining, Tučepi has it all. In fact, folks travel from far to come and eat in Tučepi. But, if you’re taking your holidays in Tučepi, lucky you. Because it’s all on your doorstep.

Very special restaurants in Tučepi away from the coast

Restaurant Jeny in Tučepi
Restaurant Jeny in Tučepi.

Notably, this one small village has the only Michelin-recommended restaurant on the Makarska Riviera. Moreover, the style, panache and presentation of the Mediterranean reimagined at Jeny can leave you breathless. By comparison, the nearby Konoba Ranch (Ranč) is more informal. However, food is great and its location in the middle of an olive tree garden gives a truly special ambience. Restaurante Konoba Veza and Konoba Opacak, near the zip line, are also good. Specifically, they have great raised terraces and accompanying sea views.

Tučepi restaurants and taverns by the sea

Restaurant Freyja in Tučepi
Restaurant Freyja in Tučepi.

After visiting, memories of restaurants in Tučepi may well stay with you a long time. Not only will the food and wine linger in the mind, but also the views and the ambiance too. As a matter of fact, there are just too many good choices to name them all. But, a top tip is to ask locally for an honest recommendation or to follow our guide.

Where to eat by the beach?

Restaurant Freyja is a fancy place for dinner. Notably, their lovely presentation of seafood and some imaginative choices like the truffle burger. By comparison, Bokun Pizzeria Snack is much less formal, fast and with good pizza, seafood and pasta. Stlish, modern and in a good location, the popular Gajeta Restaurant does nice pasta and meats. Good for simple seafood is Restoran Mala Barka. Rosos is a family-run place. Subsequently, it has a nice vibe and does nice seafood. Konoba Postup likes to try and put a twist on the traditional and is a fancy choice for dinner.

Top 6 day trips from Tučepi

Check out the nearest neighbours: Makarska, Baška Voda, Podgora and Brela

Baška Voda © Općina Baška Voda
Baška Voda © Općina Baška Voda

The Makarska Riviera is a brilliant place to explore. Basically, nothing’s too far away and each destination holds its own distinct flavour. Looking for a more lively evening of nightlife and clubbing options? Try Makarska, it has a youthful vibe. And, if you’re slightly too young for nightclubs, party in the day at Buba Beach bar there. If you’re asking Tučepi or Brela? Don’t. Instead, do both, they’re really not far away. Brela has superb beaches, history and heritage sites and restaurants. Podgora has lovely natural beaches, a classic cocktail beach bar and you can read more about Baška Voda in our guide.

Special food, white water rafting on Cetina river and the atmospheric Old Town of Omiš

Mouth of the Cetina river at Omiš
Mouth of the Cetina river at Omiš © Ivo Biocina / Croatian National Tourist Board.

Without a doubt, Omiš Old Town is incredibly beautiful. Moreover, it has a wonderful nighttime ambiance. Particularly in summer, when diners and drinkers fill the alleys and little squares. Additionally, it has white water rafting on the Cetina river. As a matter of fact, if you only do one mainland day trip on your Baška Voda holiday, and if you don’t want to travel too far, go here. Read everything you need to know about Omiš in our guide.

Head into the hinterland for the 11 lakes of Imotski

Blue Lake and Gospin Dolac, home of NK Imotski
Gospin Dolac © NK Imotski.

If traditional Dalmatia captures your heart, head inland. Because you’ll experience a whole other side. And, Imotski is a brilliant and unique choice. It’s less than 40 km away by road. Moreover, getting there couldn’t be easier, thanks to the tunnel they built through the mountain.


Best known for its Blue and Red lakes, there are in fact a total of 11 around the city. Take the epic descent down to the Blue lake. Swimming in its calm, fresh waters is an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Emphatically, it’s wholly unlike swimming in the sea. Remember to conserve enough energy for the walk back up! Additionally, restaurant prices drop considerably the further you get from the sea. Bargain! Read more about the city in our guide.

By car, by bus or hop on a boat to Dubrovnik

Aerial Dubrovnik.
Dubrovnik from above © Chensiyuan.

How far is Tučepi from Dubrovnik? The distance from Tučepi to Dubrovnik is a not inconsiderable 147 kilometres. However, is it really so far to miss out on that visit you always dreamed of? In detail, it’s only two and a half hours by car. Additionally, it’s doable by Tučepi Dubrovnik bus. Furthermore, Krilo have a fast boat service that runs between Split, Brač, Makarska, Korčula, Mljet and Dubrovnik. Subsequently, you can travel from Tučepi to Dubrovnik by boat. See the timetable and buy tickets here.

Furthermore, you can read up on the walled city of Dubrovnik here.

Visit the UNESCO Diocletian’s Palace in Split

Split To Dubrovnik - Diocletian

Around 100 km north up the coast is Croatia’s second city. Everyone should walk around Diocletian’s Palace once in their life. In fact, it’s the perfect big city for a day trip. Because there’s so much to do and see. Furthermore, the route Tučepi Split is easy by car or bus. Find out more in our guide to the city.

Island hopping: Ferry to Brač island, Tučepi to Hvar by boat

zlatni rat beach bol brac

With the famous islands of Brač and Hvar constantly tempting you from across the water, it’d be a shame not to give in. Certainly, you can take boat trips locally, with Butterfly Watersports for one. Furthermore, this may be the best way to do the route Tučepi Jelsa on Hvar island. But, a super cheap option is the walk-on ferries and catamarans from nearby Makarska. They run very regularly and offer an inexpensive choice for route Tučepi – Brač.

Timetables and tickets

Krilo have a fast boat service that runs between Split, Brač, Makarska, Korčula, Mljet and Dubrovnik. See the timetable and buy tickets here. On the Jadrolinija ferry you can take your car to Brač. Timetable and tickets are here.

Weather in Tučepi Croatia

Like all of coastal Dalmatia, Tučepi has a classic Mediterranean climate, with long, hot summers. Indeed, many days of sunshine can be all but guaranteed here. What’s more, you can usually wear shorts and a t-shirt from April until November. Wondering about weather Tučepi May? Pondering weather Tučepi October? Point often overlooked is that summers are extended here. Indeed, it’s warm enough in the sea to swim from some time in May right the way to October. Here’s how the weather in Tučepi looks today and for the rest of the week.


H: +18°
L: +12°

Tuesday, 30 March
See 7-Day Forecast

Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon
+17° +16° +15° +14° +11° +12°
+12° +13° +13° + + +

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Where is Tučepi? Map

Tučepi is located on the Makarska Riviera section of Dalmatia, Croatia. It faces the islands of Brač and Hvar. Specifically, it is in modern-day Split-Dalmatia county. In detail, its coordinates with respect to latitude and longitude are 43.2653° N, 17.0586° E. And the Tučepi zip code is 21325 Tučepi (postal code).

View Larger Map

How to get to Tučepi and get around

Flights, passenger plane, airport

The nearest airport to Tučepi is Brač island. Although, that route obviously requires a boat journey to reach the mainland. Actually, for flights to Croatia region central Dalmatia, the most popular airport is Split. In detail, the distance from Split airport to Tučepi is around 90 km. Moreover, it takes around an hour to get there by car. You can also make the trip between the two very easily by bus. For all you need to know about Split airport look here.

Tučepi to Dubrovnik airport

It’s only around twice the distance from Tučepi to Dubrovnik airport as it is from Split airport. Subsequently, it really shouldn’t take three times longer to get there (around 3 hours – no guarantees!). But, currently, it does. However, the Pelješac Bridge is nearing completion. Indeed, as much as an hour could soon be cut from the travelling time. Great! Read more about Dubrovnik airport here.

By car
Motorways. How to get there by car.
© Hrvatske Autoceste.

Tučepi is a short drive off the main motorway from Zagreb. Specifically, the motorway turn off you’re looking for is Zagvozd. In detail, from there, drop down to Baška Voda, through Makarska and then Tučepi. However, if you’re coming from Split, you can take the coastal road, which is pretty. Out of season, this might be a good idea. And the journey time is similar to going via the motorway.

However, the tourist season is a different story. Plans are in place to upgrade the road infrastructure around the bottleneck of Omiš. But, until those works are completed, the motorway route will save you time.

Similarly, you have the coastal route option coming from Dubrovnik and the south. But, the motorway will be quicker, taking less than two and a half hours.

Looking for a fast, reliable and trouble-free transfer to or from Tučepi? Contact TC transfer partner Adriatic Transfers for your one-stop solution.

Tučepi Bus

Travelling intercity by bus in Croatia is a fast, popular and reliable option. Indeed, you can easily reach Tučepi by bus from anywhere in Croatia. Learn more about travelling through the country by bus here.

Also, local buses can take you up and down the Makarska Riviera, into parts of the foothills or even into the hinterland.

The beautiful church of St Antony of Padua. Sitting in a secluded village in the foothills, next to Srida sela, gornji Tučepi, a local bus can take you there. © Tourist Board of Tučepi.
The beautiful church of St Antony of Padua. Sitting in a secluded village in the foothills, next to Srida sela, gornji Tučepi, a local bus can take you there. © Tourist Board of Tučepi.
Boat to Tučepi
The port harbour at Makarska.
The port harbour at Makarska. © Vjeko Begović / Croatian National Tourist Board.

If you want to arrive to Tučepi by boat, you can. Through the nearby port of Makarska you can travel to Tučepi by boat from Dubrovnik, Split, island Brač and other destinations. Furthermore, you can check out links to timetables and tickets in the links in the sections above.

More information

You can contact the Tučepi tourist board and visitor information via the details here.


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