4 Months a YouTuber: Comparing Paul Bradbury Stats with the Kingdom

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Full disclaimer: when someone sues you for no reason – twice – and plays with you for 2.5 years, before ...

Croats Leaving, Foreigners Arriving, How to Preserve Hrvatska?

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Back in the 2018 World Cup, there was a very strange discussion in the French media after the French anti-racism ...

10 Things I Learned from my SLAPP Lawsuits in Croatia

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It all starts with the blue letter.  The postman knocks, requiring a signature. There is rarely good news inside the ...

Vedran Segvic

Croatia National Tourist Board Finally Adopts Some of My Ideas

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My lawyer thinks I am a little strange, but I am really excited about next week.  For, more than 2.5 ...

Slobodan Kadic

Croatia Expects: A Tiny Country, From Dream to Belief

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It is an incredible time to be in Croatia, and I doubt there is a country around the globe that ...

The Rising Power of the Croatian Passport

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When I moved to Croatia in 2002, the new Croatian passport was about a decade old and fairly weak on ...

Winter Sailing in Croatia: Huge Op, Industry Ready But Adriatic Empty

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Sometimes one has to be so far out of the comfort zone to notice the very best opportunities…  Back in ...

Total Croatia News: Reduced Service Ahead of October Relaunch

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One of the things that has been very true since I started the Total Project with a laptop and a ...

KK Split is Up for Sale (Again)

Burak Canboy

  Split, 23.08.2022 – The City of Split is again trying to find an investor for the Basketball Club KK ...

Is Split Tourism ‘Strategy’ Killing the Goose with the Golden Eggs?

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And on the Seventh Day, God created Dalmatia.  It really is one of the finest places on the planet. Some ...

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