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February 11, 2019 — In this article of the Made in Croatia series, learn more about Slavonski kulen, the protected pork sausage from Slavonia.

Slavonian kulen or kulin is by far the best-known delicacy of eastern Croatian cuisine. Also, not only in Slavonia but all across Croatia, kulen is the most prestigious as well as most expensive sausage-type product.

This cured sausage made with premium pork cuts is heavily flavored with red paprika and garlic; it exudes a strong smoky aroma and has a rather piquant flavor. According to strict production rules, Slavonian kulen must be produced using the meat of pigs that have been raised in Slavonia whereas the most sought-after breeds include the black Slavonian pig and Mangulica. The animals are raised free-range and fed organically on corn, barley, and oats.

Kulen sausages are produced every year between the beginning of November and the end of March. Once they’re made, the sausages are traditionally cured and smoked over beechwood for at least several months which is followed by a longstanding Slavonian tradition of enjoying kulen at Easter. However, kulen is also an essential part of other festive holiday spreads.

Kulen pairs well with mildly flavored cheeses and lighter red wines. If you happen to find yourself near Požega in June, don’t miss the annual Požega kulenijada which is the oldest Slavonian festival and kulen makers’ competition. As of November 2017, Slavonski kulen has been registered as a food product with a Protected Geographical Indication.

If you’d like to know more about protected Croatian food products, make sure you’re following TCN’s dedicated gourmet page.

Slavonski kulen

Slavonska Televizija


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