260 DAYS: Hollywood Tackles Croatian Homeland War

Zoran Rajn

260 days croatian homeland war

June the 22nd, 2024 – The Croatian Homeland War is unfortunately still shrouded in mystery and complexity for much of the international community. Hollywood’s 260 DAYS might make the realities and struggle faced by the Croats for the rights to their own country more clear worldwide.

An Inside Look at 260 DAYS: Hollywood’s First Take on the Croatian Homeland War

In a groundbreaking move for Croatian cinema, the film 260 DAYS has begun production, marking the
first Hollywood project to delve into the Croatian Homeland War. This ambitious endeavour is spearheaded by
a talented team, including author Marijan Gubina, acclaimed film producer Jakov Sedlar, marketing
director Lucija Majstrović, and director of 260DAYS Ltd. Dražen Majstrović. Filming is currently
underway in Slavonia, bringing authentic locations to life.

260 Days: a story of the croatian homeland war rooted in great personal tragedy

Marijan Gubina, whose harrowing experiences as a child during the war form the backbone of the
film, shared insights into his journey from victim to advocate. Born in Vinkovci and raised in Dalj,
Gubina’s life took a drastic turn on August 1, 1991, when he was captured and endured 260 days of
captivity. Despite enduring severe trauma and personal loss, including the deaths of his father and
younger sister, Gubina rebuilt his life, establishing a career and a family while actively engaging in
humanitarian work. His book 260 DAYS inspired the film, aiming to spread messages of peace, hope,
and forgiveness.

from the pages to the screens

The transition from book to film was a natural progression for Gubina, who saw the potential to
reach a wider audience through cinema. The success of the book and subsequent theatrical
adaptation paved the way for collaboration with Hollywood, ensuring the story’s professional
realization. Film producer Jakov Sedlar, known for his extensive work on Croatian history, brings his
expertise to the project, aiming to present an unflinching depiction of the early struggles for Croatian

a start-studded cast and high expectations

The film boasts a cast of notable actors, including Tim Roth, Armand Assante, Angela Molina, and
Sam Hazeldine. Sedlar emphasizes the film’s role in providing a clear portrayal of Croatian history,
hoping it will resonate with audiences and fill the existing void in Homeland War cinema.

crowdfunding for a good cause

Lucija Majstrović, the film’s marketing director, highlighted the significance of their crowdfunding
campaign on Bona Fides Invest global crowdfunding platform. The campaign seeks to involve the
community, allowing everyone to contribute to the film’s realization. The overwhelming support and
heartfelt messages from backers underscore the project’s importance. Majstrović assures that the
rewards for contributors range from pre-premiere tickets to exclusive opportunities like appearing as
extras or attending VIP dinners with the film’s creators.

investment and future prospects

Director of 260DAYS Ltd. Dražen Majstrović underscores the unique investment opportunity 260 DAYS presents. Despite challenges in securing state support, the project has attracted private investors, predominantly from Croatia and North America. The involvement of the Jewish community in the USA highlights the film’s broad appeal. The team hopes that state institutions will recognize the project’s value, particularly during the post-production phase in Hollywood, to ensure the highest quality output.

260 days sheds light on the croatian homeland war, and is a call to action

The creators of 260 DAYS invite further support through investments or contributions to their
crowdfunding campaign, emphasizing the film’s potential impact on global perceptions of the
Croatian Homeland War. This pioneering project aims to set a precedent for future films on
the subject, aiming for a significant cultural and educational legacy.


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