Another Car Goes Swimming in Dalmatia

Lauren Simmonds

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With summer finally well and truly here, it isn’t only people going for a dip…

The crystal clear, sparkling, blue, clean (feel free to add as many more buzzwords as you’d like) Adriatic sea is a magnet for the vast majority of people.

The tranquil, soft waves and varying arrays of blue, altering as the sun’s harsh yet glittering rays dance across the gentle surface are enough to tempt anyone to dip at least their toes in, and the sea is what brings barely comprehensible numbers of tourists to Croatia’s shores every year, with that number steadily increasing as time passes.

While locals and tourists alike go off in search of the best areas and hidden coves and bays to take a relaxing swim in the soft, welcoming currents of the Croatian Adriatic, cars look on from their (usually overpriced) car parks in envy. 

It seems, as we reported not so long ago, that the trend of our four-wheeled friends taking their jealously into their own, erm, hands, and taking the plunge themselves, quite literally, is spreading along the coast.

Dnevna doza prosječnog Dalmatinca (The daily dose of the average Dalmatian) is a popular Facebook page which posts ironic and satirical posts and photos of the various goings on in Dalmatia, with a great many of them being very questionable to say the least. 

From painfully wrong translations to cringeworthy swimming gear, the page clocks onto every bizarre, funny, eyebrow-raising, and sometimes downright illegal thing to go on in beautiful Dalmatia, in the hopes of arousing a grin or two from followers. And fail, it does not.

Just like the man who used the roof of his slowly sinking Volkswagen to top up his tan in Zadar recently, yet another individual has run into a bit of bad luck in Trogir, as his car decided it had had enough of dry land for one day, plunging into the deep blue.

Next time you jump into the sea to cool down, think of your car, or at least make sure the handbrake is on.

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