Buba Clinic: Largest 24/7 Vet Clinic Opened in Zagreb

Lauren Simmonds

buba clinic

December the 13th, 2023 – Much to the delight of animal lovers and pet owners, the largest 24/7 vet clinic has now opened its doors in the City of Zagreb. Meet Buba Clinic.

As journal.hr writes, the Vetti Group, otherwise the leading veterinary group in the Republic of Croatia, has now opened a new Buba Clinic in Zagreb at Riječka ulica 10. The new clinic, the largest in the entire region, is available to users 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This year, along with the opening of the new Buba Clinic and the existing Buba Outpatient Clinic, the Vetti Group also acquired one of the first private outpatient clinics in Croatia, the Marković Outpatient Clinic in Zagreb, Feliks from Virovitica, which in addition to the inpatient clinic also has an animal shelter, the Đakovo Veterinary Station, with a long tradition and six clinics, Cosa del Cani in Zagreb with the Doktor Vau Clinic and Neovet Zagreb with the Kreszinger Clinic, which also operates 24/7.

With the aforementioned acquisitions and the opening of the new Buba Clinic, the Vetti Group has become the largest veterinary group in Croatia and the immediate region. By the end of this year, the acquisition of a veterinary clinic in Split is also planned, which will bring the Vetti Group together a total of ten clinics and two clinics across Croatia, and the total value of investments set to be poured in over the next three years will amount to more than twenty million euros. At the moment, the group has 130 employees, while more than 280 employees are expected by the end of next year.

Diagnostics, treatment and operations

The Vetti Group is majority owned by Provectus Capital Partners, and key veterinary experts remain partners. “The Vetti Group was founded with the aim of raising the general standard of veterinary activity across Croatia, decentralising it and spreading quality services from Zagreb throughout the country. We also focused more on improving the standards and working conditions of veterinary employees. For now, our development and expansion plan is focused on Croatia, but in the future we want to step into neighbouring countries as well”, said Marko Galić, partner and member of the Investment Board of Provectus Capital Partners.

Special focus has been placed on the opening of regional Vetti Group clinics and hospitals, which will simultaneously provide top diagnostic services, as well as treatment, operative procedures and more complex tests throughout Croatia. “Our regional clinics will perform tests and emergency procedures that couldn’t be performed until now. By standardising the services we provide throughout Croatia, we’ll increase the level of our veterinary services, and by improving working conditions, introducing quality education and training, I’m sure that we’ll also influence the rest of our experts across Croatia”, said Suzana Skorija, president of the Vetti Group Management Board.

The new Buba Clinic provides top-quality diagnostics and treatment 24 hours a day

The Vetti Group, in addition to the Buba Clinic, has acquired another location in Zagreb, the first regional centre near Zagreb’s Rotor, at Riječka ulica 10. With an investment amounting to more than two million euros, and spanning 700 square metres of space, owners and their pets can enjoy spacious surroundings, a separate waiting room for cats, an inpatient unit for animals requiring 24-hour critical care, four surgical theatres, 10 examination and consultation rooms, a laboratory and diagnostic area with CT, X-ray and ultrasound devices and a top team of experts available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Buba Clinic also boasts a brand new, state-of-the-art CT device, the most powerful in all of Croatia in terms of functions – a 64-layer CT that enables a shorter scanning time and a more detailed resulting image than the currently available devices on the market.

“With top specialists, the most modern equipment, and availability to our patients 24/7, the Buba Clinic space will be extremely pleasant for all of our employees to work in. We want to raise the standard of our employees, material and non-material working conditions for veterinarians and veterinary technicians, and other employees of the veterinary sector working here in Croatia”, Skorija added.

“Our partnership with the Provectus Capital Partners investment company is the crown of our career. We’ve been building the Buba Clinic brand slowly and systematically for twenty years now, with the goal of one day standing in a clinic that is at the same level, if not higher, than those setting the global standards. I’m sure that we’ll continue to do the best work, and that for our colleagues this clinic will really be a pleasant place for work and professional development. For our patients, it will be a place to which they can return with confidence”, said Bruno Ljolje, the founder of the Buba Clinic.

Future plans

Over the next year, a number of new acquisitions are planned throughout Croatia, the opening of a clinic in Split modelled on the newly opened veterinary clinic in Zagreb, the remodelling of the existing clinics and the relocation of the Feliks clinic to a new, significantly larger space. In addition, a multi-year employee education plan was started, as part of which a symposium was held. At that event, a leading veterinary expert in the field of neurology and neurosurgery, Dr. Ronaldo Da Costa, the co-author of the most famous textbook in veterinary neurology, “A practical guide to canine and feline neurology”, held a lecture.

In 2024, the plan is to open a Veterinary Hospital with additional diagnostics and an educational centre in Gajnice. The hospital in Gajnice will also have a 1.5T magnetic resonance device, the first of its kind in Croatia intended for animal examinations. The plan is to establish and develop the Vetti Group call centre for communication with pet owners, as well as the introduction of systematic inspections and insurance policies for pets.


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