Cardinal: “Women Should Not Have Sex Before Marriage, Otherwise They Might Become a Štraca (Worn Out Slag)”

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A Catholic dignitary has some words of advice for women.

Many Croatian believers came to a mass on the Feast of Our Lady of Loreto in Arbanasi near Zadar, which was led by Cardinal Vinko Puljić, the leader of the Catholic Church in Bosnia and Herzegovina, reports on May 12, 2016.

In addition to usual remarks about the faith, the Cardinal decided to give a piece of advice specifically to unmarried women who might think about having sex with men prior to marriage. He warned them not to do it, because otherwise they might become a “štraca” (a hard word to translate, and after some debate we think ‘worn out slag’ is closest – suggestions please to [email protected]).

While talking about family and relationships between men and women, the Cardinal had this to say: “Today we celebrate a special woman, Our Lady of Loreto, the mother of the Nazareth home, the mother of the Church, Mary, the most dignified woman in which we look for how to restore the dignity of the family home. Women should not indulge in physical pleasures before marriage, which has become quite frequent recently, trying to see which husband might be good for them. You should be careful, since you do not want to become a štraca”, warned Puljić.

Interestingly, the Cardinal had no such advice for men, which should presumably mean they are free to have sex with anyone they want whenever they want, although they should probably give preference to married women, in order not to make poor unmarried women štracas.

It did not take long for internet users to react to the words of the concerned Cardinal, as the images in this article show.

Yesterday afternoon, the Štraca Registry appeared on the internet, reminding us of the glory days of one other similar register from earlier this year. In just three hours, several hundred Croatian women volunteered to include their names.

“Proud to be a štraca”, “Štraca par excellence”, “Štraca from head to toe”, “Sign me up, I am a štraca”… are just some of the several hundred posts of women, but also of men who have registered in order to show how proud they were to love their štracas. “Let’s show some support for the most famous štraca in Croatia – Ana Karamarko”, wrote one member, referring to a possible member of the club who has been mentioned quite often in media in the last few days.

Almost simultaneously with the Registry, the Štraca Community was also established, gathering more than 3,000 members at time of writing.


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