Colours of Croatia: “Tangerine Skies” with Marko-Lorenzo (Photos)

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10.Zadar (800 x 533).jpg
Marko-Lorenzo Blaslov

Explore Croatia from a new perspective, thanks to our photo series – Colours of Croatia. We will be featuring different photographers, colours, destinations or aspects of life in Croatia, giving you a chance to feel the life and diversity of this incredible country. This week we bring you “Tangerine Skies” thanks to Marko-Lorenzo Blaslov.

Whether you love it or hate it, there is no denying that social media has its value. Yes, a lot of us are guilty of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram unconsciously, losing hours without even realising. But, if you are reading this, it means that something caught your eye, long enough for you to click on the link.

I am the same, sometimes I scroll through Facebook and Instagram more out of habit than anything; however, other days, particularly for this job, I do use social media purposefully – looking for the latest news, trends or inspiration.

This is one huge positive of social media, that if we use it consciously and purposefully, it can bring a lot of value. This is how I discovered Marko-Lorenzo Blaslov; his photos on instagram instantly captivated my imagination. Every one of his pictures captures a scene, mood or setting perfectly. The colours are so vivid, I can almost feel myself there in that moment.

All of his pictures are gorgeous and based on nature, but it was his sunsets which first drew me to his page. In particular this photo of a sunset in Zadar.

10.Zadar (800 x 533).jpg

I did an article last week – ‘Colours of Croatia: The Deep Blues of Mljet’, when I was inspired by photographers Ivana and Igor Nobilo’s images. Then I realised, perhaps this could be a series. There are so many talented humans living and visiting Croatia, and one thing I particularly love about photography is how each photographer has a way of drawing you into their world, telling a story and maybe even making you look at life from a different perspective.

So, I reached out to Marko to ask him to share some photos with me. He was immediately very humble, explaining that he is not a professional photographer, simply passionate about nature, travelling and photography.

I am 27 and living in Zadar, a beautiful city surrounded by a great variety of nature, it’s what aroused my desire to start travelling, mountain hiking, exploring small and often – undiscovered places and, above all, to start photographing breathtaking sights that can only be seen in Croatia. Of course, my desire to explore and photograph gets bigger every day, so it is understandable that my wish is that hopefully one day, I will be able to connect my hobby and work. In my opinion, the perfect job would consist of travelling, photographing, encountering all kinds of animals, tasting domestic food, meeting different people and cultures.

The one thing that attracts me the most to photography is the feeling you get when you watch the photos the next day. You get the exact feeling that you had while you were observing the view. That is also why I like to share my photos with other people so that they can experience at least, a small part of what I had.

So, without further ado, here is a small collection titled ‘Tangerine Skies’…

3.Kaprije (800 x 533).jpg

Kaprije; One of the largest islands of the Šibenik archipelago, large and mostly uninhabited. If you need peace and a time for yourself, I highly recommend this beautiful island where you can still find places with a gorgeous nature that are almost left untouched with the human hand.

6.Pag (800 x 533).jpg

Pag; It is summertime. And when  summer comes you want to be as close to the sea as you can get (or some cooling device). I Took this photo of a couple who stopped and took a minute to enjoy this beautiful view.

9.Šibenski arhipelag (800 x 533).jpg

Vrgada; Island of fishermen, cats and seagulls. I am in love with this little Island located just south from Biograd na moru.

Prvic (800 x 533).jpg

One more island from the Šibenik archipelago. The whole island is under protection of the Croatian Ministry of Culture since the island is considered a cultural heritage. If that is not enough for you than we have nothing to talk about!

Petrcane (800 x 533).jpg

Petrčane; A Day off in Petrčane near Zadar with my patient (very patient) girlfriend. I will take this time to thank her for being so patient with all of my photography ideas . If she knew this was the first shot taken and she had to sit there for another 40-minutes or so more after that… 
Hitchcock said “Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world” and Petrčane is a place just a few kilometers from Zadar so do the math.

Thank you Marko, for sharing your world with us! You can find more from Marko on Instagram @Marko_Lorenzo

If you are a photographer and want to show us your Croatia, send an email to [email protected]


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