Croatia’s Bread Prices Higher Than Those in UK, Germany, Holland?

Lauren Simmonds

Croatia has many societal issues, but generally speaking, most living costs are satisfactory for most, this is especially true if you have moved to Croatia from a richer, Western European country with an undoubtedly higher GDP and a better economic situation – Or is it?

While wages in the Western part of our continent, in countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany, often sound very high and extremely appealing when compared to the typical take home Croatian salary, one tends to forget that the living costs in those countries are also difficult to compare.

Gas and electricity in the UK, for example, can be extortionate, especially when you need your heating on and lights blazing for a good few months of the year due to the cold and darkness, a problem not encountered as much in Croatia.

That being said, you’d expect salaries and living costs to correlate to a more acceptable degree regardless of where you are in the world. Bread, being the metaphorical object of all things that refer to wealth, is one of them.

As SibenikIN writes on the 14th of September, 2019, in Croatia, consumer prices for bread and cereals were about three percent higher than the EU average in 2018, and higher than in some wealthier EU countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. This has been confirmed by the data released this week by the Eurostat.

According to the data, bread and cereals were by far the most expensive in Denmark (with an index of 151 and an EU average of 100), followed by Austria with 35 percent higher prices than the EU average and Finland and Luxembourg with 27 percent higher prices than average, RTL reports.

Cyprus, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Belgium and Greece are also among the ten most expensive EU countries in terms of the above.

With an index of 102.9, Croatia is in the middle of the rankings and is around the EU average, and when it comes to our neighbour to the north, Slovenia, bread is a little more expensive and a little cheaper over in Germany.

The cheapest bread and cereals being sold in the EU in 2018 were in Romania, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and in Bulgaria.

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