Croatia Diva Lisac Releases Statement From Seclusion: Impersonators Emerge

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After two days of relentless press coverage, Croatia diva Josipa Lisac has gone into seclusion after releasing a statement that she would no longer comment on her unforgettable interpretation of “Lijepa nasa domovina”, the Croatian national anthem at the inauguration of Zoran Milanović.

She also declined to comment on the recent criminal charges filed against her for allegedly violating the reputation of Croatia through her interpretation of the national anthem. While the inauguration of Croatia’s fifth president has been nearly forgotten, Lisac’s otherworldly interpretation of the hymn has taken on a life of its own.

Croatia Diva’s Male Admirers Post Impersonation Videos

Some of Josipa Lisac’s male admirers, seeing an opportunity, are emerging with interpretations of the icon’s performance, which they are posting on social media.

Marin the Unknown

DARE TV | Impersonation begins at 0:20

Lisac Releases Statement Through Union and Record Company

Here is a translation of the Josipa Lisac’s statement, released by the HGU (Croatia Musician’s Union) and Croatia Records, which appeared today on her Instagram and Facebook accounts:

“By this statement, we are appealing to all media and debate participants on social networks, who have been relentlessly discussing the national anthem and the performance of the celebrated music giant, Ms. Josipa Lisac, for two days now. Unfortunately, this is a complete disregard for the artistic freedom and creation of a musician whose style is adored by every generation and seen as one of the greatest legends of our domestic music scene. It is clear to every well-intentioned person that this is not a matter of insulting the national anthem. Ms. Josipa Lisac’s style and way of interpreting (music) is widely known, and this situation is further proof that we live in a society where basic human and cultural values ​​are on shaky ground, as is our manner of communication.


Lisac: No Comment on Inauguration Performance Reactions

At the request of Ms. Josip Lisac, we would like to inform you that she will no longer comment on reactions to her performance of the Republic of Croatia’s national anthem at the inauguration of President Zoran Milanović.

Nor will she comment on criminal charges or any similar forthcoming reactions from individuals, associations or institutions, regardless of the medium in question. The past couple of days have been extremely demanding on her, so please keep her privacy in mind, especially since she has always cooperated with the media. She appreciates the support and the fact that the media have conveyed to everyone a real picture of the current state of our society through their reporting.


Award Winning Musician Will Receive Porin Lifetime Achievement

Josipa Lisac, recently turned seventy years of age, and in her 53 years in the industry, has recorded many exceptional pieces of music, for which she is still revered at her numerous concerts. She is also one of the most award-winning musicians of all time and has won as many as twenty-two Porins for her achievements along with her associates. This year at the Porin ceremony in Rijeka on March 27; the Board of Directors will award her a Porin for her lifetime achievement.

Josipa Lisac is a truly unique figure on the Croatian music scene, and a musician worthy of respect and admiration.

“It’s all music, and music it is, or it is not.”

Josipa Lisac

Statement signed by Želimir Babogredac, Director of Croatia Records and Nikša Bratoš, President of HGU.


Follow updates on reactions to Josipa Lisac’s unforgettable performance and the pending criminal charges against her here.


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