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A look at how Croatia is contributing to Earth Week. 


Today is April 23, 2016, but did you know it is also Earth Week that runs from April 18 to 24. I took a look around Croatia and my home town Osijek. It appears that almost every day is Earth Day here as most people ride their bikes or take the tram to get around Osijek. Another good example is most Croatians take canvas bags to the store that are used more than once, so really we are doing a great job. The school boards are also examining the issue just ask any kid that just got home today. The teachers are reinforcing that we need to act today and make a better future that is more sustainable.

David Suzuki an active Environmentalist has pointed out in various articles that Europe is ahead of North America in terms of Transportation as European use more bicycles and public transit to get to work. It is easy to see working examples of how Croatia is working for a better healthier environment. One only has to look at most of downtown cores in Croatian cities as they have been converting roadways into pedestrian walkways and the removal of cars that caused traffic jams, congestion, and unwanted emissions causing health problems. The streets are cleaned daily by people on foot and bicycles instead of Street Cleaner machines. The ratio of Cars to bicycles are amazing compared to other parts of Europe. The best thing for some Croatian citizens are that most Doctors office, Schools and local Grocery stores are within walking distance.

Total Croatian News has covered many things in the past that have helped promote environmental issues as well examine some of the world’s most famous parks. Did we mention Beaches?

  1. New Croatian Government to Stop Oil Exploration in the Adriatic Sea.

By Vedran Pavlic

In general, the published government guidelines present a radically green vision for energy sector, including a temporary moratorium on the construction of thermal power plants in Croatia (it is not clear whether this includes biomass power plants). The guidelines also envision an increase in renewable energy and, perhaps most importantly, breaking up of the state electricity company HEP, with a complete ownership separation of regulated activities and the distribution infrastructure.

Popularity of Hybrid Vehicles Growing in Croatia
By Vedran Pavlic
The trend is similar when it comes to electric vehicles. The environmental awareness, recognizing the advantages of such vehicles, but also the government’s subsidies, all contribute to it. The subsidies are, besides the green loans, an important factor helping to get more hybrids on the streets or in the marinas.
A great way to reduce our carbon foot print

  1. Croatia Could Be 100% Supplied by Renewable Energy by 2050, Claim American Academics
    Paul Bradbury

According to the report, the main sources of energy for Croatia would be solar panels (48.9%), onshore wind (30%) and hydroelectric (11.7%). Use of these technologies would also have a net positive in terms of employment, with some 21,457 permanent jobs in construction and 31,025 in operational jobs.

  1. Science Cafe Returns to Split: Lecture on Sailboats of the Future
    By Danni Matijaca
    Designers and engineers all over the world are working on new models that will use sails and alternative sources of energy along with standard fuels. Sails will be hard and automated, they would automatically adjust to various sailing regimes and available wind resources.

  2. Plitvice Lakes from Split: Some Options to Visit
    By Paul Bradbury

Plitvice National Park is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in whole of Europe, and it is a very popular destination for everyone coming to Croatia, with more than one million tourists annually. Plitvice is also one of Croatia’s seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. While Split is not exactly close to it, with construction of the highway, visiting Plitvice definitely has become possible as a day trip. The highway also makes the trip not only shorter but also quite pleasurable as the scenery is lovely and diverse.


  1. Circular Economy Comes to Solin
    By Vedran Pavlic
    The project disposes of the waste generated in hotels and in the hotel business, thus responding to the global challenge to preserve the environment. The budget for “Responsible Business – Clean World” project amounts to 188,865 euros and is co-financed from the European Social Fund, through programmes Human Resources Development and Improving Access to the Labour Market for People with Disabilities, coordinated by the Croatian Employment Service. The EU co-finances nearly 70 percent of the project

  2. New Commuter Trains for Cleaner Environment and Better Transport in Croatia

By Vedran Pavlic
The advantages of rail transport are related to lower emissions to the atmosphere compared to other means of transport, lower power consumption, making less noise and creating less danger for the environment during the construction of the railway infrastructure. In order to increase the quality of its service, in January 2014 HŽ Putnički Prijevoz and Končar – Električna Vozila signed a contract on the production of trains for urban, suburban and regional transport.

  1. Managing Waste in Croatia: Koprinica First to Use Smart Compactors
    By Paul Bradbury
    Bigbelly system is the future of waste management and recycling. In addition to saving money, it will help to preserve the clean environment. Its characteristics can guarantee the citizens of Koprivnica even greater enjoyment in clean environment and will enable the City to enter the world’s map of “smart cities”.

  2. Interested in Eco-Agriculture? Get Your Information In Hvar Town
    By Ivana Župan

  3. Join the World Clean-up 2016 in Hvar town
    By Ivana Župan

Here are just a few Earth week Activities that anyone can do.
1. Car Pool share a ride with a college or friend if you’re going to the same place.
2. Take the bike or walk to work at least once this week.
3. Plant a garden in the backyard.
4. Recycle your waste. Sort out what is able to be recycled paper, boxes, plastic etc.
5. Use found objects in your house and make a piece of art work. An example would be an old wine bottle why not paint it and turn it into a vase.
6. The clothes that don’t fit anymore or you have not worn them for a while don’t throughout. Instead give them to a friend.
7. The bikes that your kids used to ride maybe too small, why not give them to another kid so that they may enjoy.
8. Do a walk around the yard if you find trash that does not belong through it out. This really makes the neighbourhood look cleaner.
9. Turn off lights when not in the room or are not needed.
10. Conserve water, if possible use a rain barrel to water the grass in the summer.

The list could go on but it’s up to you to have fun and learn about ways to help the environment. Have a great Earth Week.


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